Mario but I’m Blindfolded

Mario but I’m Blindfolded

teamwork! 😀

♥ The Team ♥
Dee Helm:
Leslie V
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29 Responses

  1. Mason M says:

    Holy shit. Within an hour after finishing a month-long subathon, Jaiden gifts us with an big ass 20 minute animation. The grind is on another level

    • Not A Robotto says:

      @Giovanni On got, holy moly, holy cow, holy god, holy fuck

    • Buzzy says:

      @Giovanni holy holy shit holy shit shit holy holy

    • Spam Email says:

      @Jade Bayo Ba that’s not true? With the exception of the current record holder, Emilycc who’s still going at over a year, the next longest subathon ever was only 115 days. That’s nowhere near a year. The 5th highest ever is 78. So no, it wasn’t the longest subathon ever, but credit where credits due cause it wasn’t exactly something crazy short or easy.

    • Komischer Zitronengolem says:

      @BingosRus did…. Did you watch the Video?

    • Mystic Wander says:

      HOLY crap the comments went crazy on that Giovanni guy😭😭

  2. bigdayafan says:

    I love the idea that Jaiden called Alpharad, asked him if he wanted to play a video game with her blindfolded which slowly resulted in destroying his will to live. I love their friendship

  3. Annette Hasnas says:

    I have to say. Knowing who some of jaiden’s friends are, calling Jacob her most chaotic is a very high bar

  4. Heartstruck says:

    I absolutely adore how Jacob is drawn without much expression in his eyes unless it’s to be miserable, shocked, or annoyed

  5. Matt says:

    The fact that Jacob said “no” when you asked him how many levels until the next castle also reaching the next world was just hilarious

  6. Slasher Master says:

    Jaiden is true gamer giving herself her own challenge to make a game ever harder, I also love the cooperative aspect of completing these challenges

  7. AMDG says:

    I gotta say, I’ve been a fan of both Jaiden and Alpha for years and it makes me so happy to see how often they’ve been doing these challenges recently

  8. Marlene Vale says:

    I really love Jaiden and Jacob’s friendship. They just have such a great dynamic.

  9. I’m JDone says:

    Jacob’s commentary’s making me feel like I’m on a drivers test.

  10. stinky says:

    Whereas Jacob will intentionally put his friends in situations that will torture them, Jaiden will unintentionally put her friends in situations that will torture them

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