Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Booster Course Pass – Wave 2 Release Date – Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Booster Course Pass – Wave 2 Release Date – Nintendo Switch

Gas up your karts and put on a new set of tires, Wave 2 of the #MarioKart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass arrives 8/4!

Available to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members at no additional cost, or on its own as paid DLC.

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43 Responses

  1. Phone Battles says:

    Excellent selections overall. The train and tracks in Kalimari Desert were a lot of fun on N64.

    • CappyDX says:

      It’s gonna be hilarious if you can still crash into the train in this version. People from Tour are gonna be so duped. 😆

    • jayo1212 says:

      @MattZRJSRoxy same!

    • HeyThisIsBrian says:

      @Harry Best Is that confirmed anywhere?

    • Harry Best says:

      @Mage It will be in the second lap, due to the Mario Kart sign still being present.

      Section 1
      • Normal Kalimari Desert

      Section 2
      • After crossing the starting line for the first time, you’ll continue as normal, until you go over the second bit of the train track, where some arrows will force you to the left. You continue on the track until the tunnel.

      Section 3
      • The third section is started when you go in the tunnel. Continue through the track until you get to where you were when you first turned left. You continue the rest of the course as normal and then the race is finished.

    • Ethan Tunnell says:

      I was wanting Kalimari Desert to return too as it’s like My fav MK64 Track.

  2. Benjamin Gesinski says:

    This looks even better than the previous pack. One of the courses even has anti-gravity on it. I think my favorite tracks are Sky High Sunday, Mushroom Gorge, New York Minute and Waluigi Pinball. Would still like to see new characters get added.

    • mjb 20077 says:


    • VentiMaru says:

      @SUPER OMEGA X4 if Nintendo wants to go the extra mile they shud defiantly add them
      ig it makes sense since a lot of these tracks are coming from tour characters should as well yeah

    • Red says:

      I just want Kamek

    • SUPER OMEGA X4 says:

      @VentiMaru I wish they added Pauline in MK8 she definitely deserve to be in this roster like they added her in Mario Kart Tour and other characters as well like Peachette, Birdo and etc.

    • VentiMaru says:

      @OGrvyshiz a guest character like sonic OR maybe even a Pokémon driving a car would be kinda lit ngl 🙂 I think adding a a character would take less time than a track I think idk

  3. Adrian Fernandez says:

    I’m saying this as kindly as possible, the ice cream track looks like something from fall guys.
    And I absolutely can’t wait for it!

  4. Richard Kelly says:

    It’s time Super Circuit got some love! The amount of ideas they can implement with those tracks are insane. Snow Land looks awesome! ❄️

    • Samuel Santaella says:

      Not the biggest fan of the GBA remakes tbh. Specifically how they’re being remade. They’ve been altering the layouts too much. Like Sky Garden, and Sunset Wilds in Tour. (GBA Mario Circuit is good IMO.)

      Snow Land might change my mind though. At first impression I like it more than Sherbet Land.

    • Avriel Mimiga says:

      @Pinkio yeahhh it was that one

    • Pinkio says:

      wait was Snow Land the one that had an insane camera shake on the original game right

      i like that track a lot so playing it on a fixed version will be cool

    • Avriel Mimiga says:

      i grew up with SC, so i cannot wait the week till i get to hear the Snow Land remake

    • Charles P says:

      With the leak, I expected SNES Vanilla Lake.

      But GBA Snow Land is a huge surprise! And I love it

  5. Dolphin550 says:

    I can see the improvement. It is a lot better than the first pass. Though, it still has its MKT saturation and the weird single-color off-road problem. But so, I still think it is pretty good and I am looking forward to this.

  6. CaptainsRath says:

    This looks much better than the first wave, waluigis pinball and mushroom gorge make the whole expansion worth it.

  7. Peek the Ankylosaurus says:

    Mario Kart team did such a great job with the look and details of these courses, a great upgrade from the previous wave 🙌

  8. Mage says:

    This one looks really, glad to see more Wii tracks get in. Hoping one day we’ll see Wii Rainbow Road make a return in one of these waves

    • Levi The Cartoon and Movie Fan says:

      @Mc Yogourt fair point not saying it’s a bad rainbow road I just think the other rainbow roads are better plus there’s only 4 courses to a cup so if we got a rainbow road themed cup one rainbow road would have to be cut

    • Justin Jagt says:

      @Nomsa its definitely a sick journey, maybe not the best race track tho for mario kart, kind of hard to catch up on with all the boosts and quick turns in the beginning, only a bullet will really catch up.

    • Mc Yogourt says:

      @Levi The Cartoon and Movie Fan  I think GBA RR would be cool because of 8dx’s mini turbo tricks. There’s some insane cuts you can do on that track on the gba. I don’t know how crazy it is as a MKWii custom track though, it might just be boring.

    • Levi The Cartoon and Movie Fan says:

      I think having a cup with just rainbow Roads would be cool specifically DS, Wii, Double Dash and 7’s Rainbow Road not much of a fan of GBA Rainbow Road

    • Mc Yogourt says:

      The track abbreviations already have so many “RR” tracks lol.
      We have RR, rRRy, rRRd, dRR, dRiR (8 Rainbow Road, 64 Royal Raceway, 64 Rainbow Road, SNES Rainbow Road, GBA Ribbon Road) any more than that and my brain will explode.

  9. Kye The Memer says:

    I wasn’t expecting to see mushroom gorge but am beyond happy it’s here. It was one of my most wanted courses 😁

  10. NintendoBlackCrisis says:

    It’s about time!

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