Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Booster Course Pass – Wave 3 Release Date – Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — Booster Course Pass – Wave 3 Release Date – Nintendo Switch

Start your engines! Wave 3 of the #MarioKart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass arrives 12/7! Available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members at no additional cost, or on its own as paid DLC.

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44 Responses

  1. The Unicyclist says:

    These courses are getting progressively better and better with each wave. It’s awesome to see Nintendo taking people’s feedback into account.

    • AlexInThaCosmos says:

      I strongly agree!!

    • ImaFnT-Rex says:

      Haven’t been taking my feedback about that we could also use a few more battle courses
      Maybe my comment will be seen here and hope Nintendo is planning that

    • DaynNight ツ says:

      @sergio matheus they didn’t fix them they just gave them a drift animation 💀

    • DaynNight ツ says:

      Who’s gonna tell him that they look the same….

    • DisneyTLK110 says:

      @Juan López Porras I have, but the fact still stands that these courses share the style of Tour, making them stand out in a way that I personally am not a fan of. Just look at Alpine Pass/Rock Rock Mountain, the mountains have less detail on them than the 11 year-old 3ds original for crying out loud.

      I just don’t like the drastic drop in quality going from the original courses (+ the Wii U dlc) to this booster pass, it doesn’t fit. It’s a quantity over quality type of deal, and the price is very clear on that.

  2. CZsWorld says:

    Finally, another horror level

  3. Kookie Star says:

    I love how Nintendo keeps bringing you back into playing Mario Kart with every new wave 🤣👍🏻💕💕💕

  4. mariokartMADMAN says:

    Looks like Nintendo is giving these new courses more love and attention! This is a big step up from the previous and I hope they continue the Booster Course Pass with this quality!

  5. 5MadMovieMakers says:

    These look awesome. My wife is hoping for Shy Guy Bazaar to make an appearance!

  6. Leonilion says:

    Hearing Maple Treeway’s soundtrack was like a sucker punch of nostalgia to the gut. Would love to see Koopa Cape added in a future wave!

  7. Flamestorm says:

    My life is complete seeing Rainbow Road from 7 coming to 8. Awesome job, Nintendo!

  8. Segnify says:

    They just progressively impress me even more every wave. Absolutely insane!

  9. Josue Ponce says:

    Glad Nintendo listened to their fans, graphics look WAY better than wave 1 & I’m glad to see they are adding Anti Gravity back into these courses to give it that MK8 touch! 🤩

    • Drizzle says:

      I still don’t understand what people like about anti-grav, it adds nothing to the game.

    • Kayden 21 says:

      @Bitstim and Wesker nah the whole point for that track is its supposed to be a pinball machine. The slant without gravity makes more sense than anti gravity

    • PearlPlaya says:

      @Bitstim and Wesker waluigi pinball never needed antigrav.
      You’re supposed to be going down a pinball machine. It wouldn’t make sense for it to be antigrav

    • Andrezits says:

      @Bitstim and Wesker Maybe they’ve added it in this next update. Remember that they’ve updated Coconut Mall in the past so these tracks can still be improved later down the line.

    • elbenja64 says:

      Rock rock mountain looks ugly :p

  10. Suffer From Glory says:

    Amazing how every wave just keeps getting better n better

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