MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games

MarI/O – Machine Learning for Video Games

MarI/O is a program made of neural networks and genetic algorithms that kicks butt at Super Mario World.
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Music at the end is Cipher by Kevin MacLeod

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20 Responses

  1. TheCaoth says:

    Has science gone too far?

  2. Flaflo says:

    Some guy made this before!

  3. ArcadeMaster// Joseph says:

    i will unsub you you scare me the shit out destroy that thing please

  4. Junior Jaw says:

    I think you just outright defeated many others who had the same idea

  5. Mikat says:

    a japanese supercomputer simulated 1 second of brain activity in 40
    minutes, so you’d need 2400 of those supercomputers do have it calculate
    live, assuming moore’s law continues, we will see this in about 20-25 years

  6. Mr.madman says:


  7. Curvian Vynes says:

    A computer teaches itself how to play a video game

  8. Bradman175 says:

    You got this idea from suckerpinch, right?

  9. Jarvice says:

    That’s pretty impressive :o

  10. thingyee1118 says:

    One of your best inventions. I have seen this done before with games
    learning them self. But your approach is awesome. And Mario makes it

  11. The Shade King says:

    What if it evolved to believe something in a previous generation was wrong
    when in fact it just needed to be used with something else?

  12. VestedUTuber says:

    I’m absolutely astounded. That said, 1222 lines of code in one file is a
    lot. Is there any way you can tidy it up by linking multiple files together
    like you can with C++?

  13. MarsWien says:

    Risto Nikulainen? Suomi mainittu, tiedätte missä tavataan!

  14. Jake Maximus says:

    This is amazing

  15. TheRedTurtlez says:

    LuaInterface.LuaScriptException: [string “main”]:337: attempt to index
    field ‘neurons’ (a nil value)

    Someone help

  16. Edward Tompkinson says:

    Cool Seth but if this is evolution where is the creationist theory???

  17. Brandon Kosmella says:

    Have you tried letting it play any other levels with this same neural

  18. tzq33tdq says:

    Please make a tutorial video on this! I love it! 

  19. soundre .k says:

    if you go to the next level does it start from square one or does it
    already know what to do?

  20. Mixlop says:

    What happens if you put the perfected brain in a different level?