Mario Odyssey but EVERY MOON he gets FASTER

Mario Odyssey but EVERY MOON he gets FASTER

Every moon increases Mario’s speed. He starts very slow and ends up insanely fast.

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35 Responses

  1. George Sampson says:

    It feels like ages since we saw some Mario odyssey, and even more since we saw any kind of speedruns, I miss stuff like coinless, jumpless and minimum captures

  2. Gebbo says:

    Imagine a 100% run like this

  3. Randomness823 says:

    Mario shouting “PEACH” at the top of his lungs as he launches himself at her faster than the speed of light only to miss horribly is so fucking funny to me

  4. Robin’s Compass says:

    This would genuinely be an insanely cool speedrun to see optimized

  5. Austin Marshall says:

    Mario Odyssey but each moon is an adrenaline shot

  6. SemiHypercube says:

    The early game was pretty slow, but it sure picked up the pace soon enough

  7. B Phoenix says:

    This mod is the epitome of “with great power comes great responsibility”

  8. Slothptimal says:

    This feels like an elaborate version of Snake/Centipede, where instead of becoming larger, you become faster, circling your food pellets again and again until it’s feasible to grab.

  9. Jaspin the Suboptimal says:

    This run ist just hilariously funny!
    “Can we jump over the dino-trigger?”
    *proceeds to overshoot the entire stage*


  10. CubeeCabin says:

    20:25 Not gonna lie, I thought he jumped so fast, he just clipped from one part of the stage to another. Amazing transition there.

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