Mario Odyssey but you lose 1 Coin every second. Game Over at 0.

Mario Odyssey but you lose 1 Coin every second. Game Over at 0.


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52 Responses

  1. bryce_____ says:

    That was easily the most intense SMO playthrough I’ve ever seen. Thanks so much for playing the mod!

  2. Plexity says:

    This challenge is bassicly Taxes, Rent and Bills Super Mario Odyssey edition

  3. Asher and Co. says:

    I don’t need sleep. I need to watch a man obsessively collect money in a video game to prevent the death of a plumber.

  4. Matthew michau says:

    Ant “That mod was easy”
    Me”Jesus what a flex”

    • Valerie Codd says:

      Yeah onstream he tried 2 coins/sec and had to lower the difficulty:P

    • Matthew michau says:

      @Valerie Codd lol

    • Zylber7 says:

      He tried 1 coin/second and asked bryce_____ to make both a 2 coins/second and a 3 coins/second because he thought it was too easy. The mods were done in about 5 minutes, because it’s basically just a change on the value of 1 variable. Ant had to reset for the first time at the Seaside Boss because he made a mistake. Then, he tried the 2 coins one, realized it was impossible and asked Bryce_____ to make this 1.5 one

    • Hadoutsu says:

      To be fair, it would have been easy (edit: for him) if he had done 1 coin per second instead of 1.5 coins per second. Using his final time (I know some extra time was added for scenes and areas where coins didn’t count down, but I’m not going to go watch the full VoD for those) he lost 23,575.5 coins in his run. That is 7858.5 coins more than if it was 1 coin/second. Would have given him an extra 2h10m to complete the run.

  5. Fook Yuen says:

    This confirms my theory that all speedrunners are masochists

  6. Nicer Habara says:

    So he really didn’t went to sleep till the video is out. Sleep well, Tanner!

  7. OwO says:

    I love speedrunning a game while I’m suffering from constant debt.

  8. Lubna Khan says:

    Imagine that Ant actually gets the world record for that final Bowser section because of the amount of pressure he was under.

  9. Poodle Fez says:

    Every 90 seconds in Luncheon Kingdom, a minute passes.

  10. SonOfFrey 2002 says:

    This run is the complete embodiment of “Time is money”

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