Mario Odyssey Speedrun but I am being hunted

Mario Odyssey Speedrun but I am being hunted

@cjyatv hunts me down and tries to stop me in a Super Mario Odyssey manhunt.

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29 Responses

  1. E10 says:

    Always a good day when Smant and Cj make a video together

  2. Hello there says:

    I love it when smant and CJ collab, they are always so good working together

  3. Annie Lynch says:

    you know its serious when Smant isnt faking the fear and gets super quiet LOL

  4. DarkCoreX says:

    I love how the music throughout is so fitting, like when he was trying to confuse CJ entering Wooded it played that one song from TTYD which plays during the Thwomp quiz minigame. Speaking of the music choice was also incredible.

  5. Syrup says:

    there is nothing better than a new smallant video while eating breakfast

  6. Shalom kitty says:

    Happy that a new video got uploaded. That brunching skip was insanely clutch, and this entire video showed me just how op the life up heart is. The number of times smallant escaped death because he had an additional 3 hearts was insane and the fact that he only lost because he forgot to get a life up heart is hilarious.

  7. Javelinpoint says:

    Even though it’s been done to death, this is literally the perfect opportunity to call something Mario Manhunt

  8. Remitsu says:

    always happy when smallant uploads a video

    and i can’t wait to see IF he will make whole video on the Pokemon Sun and moon playthrough
    i really hope he does

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