Mario Party, but everyone is against me…

Mario Party, but everyone is against me…

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➤ Jackson:

➤ me (raid boss)

➤ Koro:

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36 Responses

  1. Dejinn the djinn says:

    Yoshi has gotta be the craziest chef ever with what he was cooking.

  2. Matheus Clemente says:

    Jacob’s Icarus complex is so strong he’s now hiring people to pull him to the ground

  3. Value Network says:

    Yoshi was pure disorganised chaos. Daisy is calm and calculated order, and Wario is just along for the ride

  4. Christopher Moon says:

    Yoshi took “It’s not about winning, it’s about sending a message” to heart, but they ended up cooking with so much heat they boiled their own message into a broth and now we have no idea what they sent to begin with

    Which honestly means they were the true winner by virtue of playing for the fans

  5. slime64 says:

    I love that Wario and Daisy were actually thinking, and yoshi just did whatever he wanted

  6. Octalie says:

    “Since Winning got a little boring” literally the most Alpharad thing Alpharad has ever said

  7. Joseph Rangel says:

    This Yoshi was the epitome of “The risk was calculated, but I’m bad at Maths.”

  8. CookieBop says:

    That yoshi is even more of an agent of chaos than alpha himself tbh

  9. Paul Westerfield (ft. PAULK) says:

    So basically Jacob is turning himself into a Raid Boss.

  10. An anime Weeb says:

    petition to let this yoshi appear in future alpharad videos
    he needs to finish cooking

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