Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal Pay Tribute to Jay Briscoe | AEW Dynamite. 1/25/23

Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal Pay Tribute to Jay Briscoe | AEW Dynamite. 1/25/23

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Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal Pay Tribute to Jay Briscoe | AEW Dynamite. 1/25/23

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26 Responses

  1. Niesha Thompson says:

    Seeing Mark by himself is so surreal and so heartbreaking. R.I.P. Jay Briscoe

  2. Jeffrey Ferguson says:

    I love the fact how instead of Mark saying “I miss you” he just said “I love you.” I think maybe he did that because he knows his brother will ALWAYS be with him.

  3. Luzmarie says:

    Mark coming out with both belts, performing the Jay Driller…Yet so energetic as ever. His strength and faith are so admirable. God bless this man.

  4. D Wade says:

    How this man held it together i will never know. Bless him,and his family.

    • G-Coalition Brother #17 says:


    • Chris Seddon says:

      Both men. I know its bigger for Mark, but Jay Lethal had to go out and be Mark’s safety net.

      If Mark broke Jay was there to hold it together. Lethal gets his fair share of stick from the IWC, but there are few who coulda been called on like that.

      Thank you Mark, thank you Lethal. Thank you Jay Briscoe.

    • Tellurius says:

      Tougher than nails

  5. TheCoog97 says:

    Thank you AEW and Tony K for this. The whole match was emotional. The ending scene with the roster awaiting Mark at the top of the ramp was heart-wrenching……but what a tribute indeed.

    • Edster III says:

      This was such a tragedy. Tony Khan and AEW made a tribute for Jay Briscoe that I know he was watching. I’m sitting here watching this and when Mark won, and everyone came out, Jay Lethal hugged Mark Briscoe, I was in tears. I have loved Pro Wrestling for decades, since the days of the AWA’s All-Star Wrestling show in the 70’s. But only AEW has shown the level of respect and admiration that Men like Jay Briscoe and Brody Lee deserved. Tony Khan has my respect and I know how much he truly cares about his team, his business, his family. This was a Beautiful Tribute to a Great Dad, a Wonderful Husband, a Brother who was ALSO his best friend, and a fierce competitor who had more talent and determination than 99.9999% of the wrestlers around today. This was a tragedy that took a Dad from his kids, a husband from his wife, and a brother and best friend who was devoted to all of them! Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe are easily Hall of Famers. They worked harder than again most of the “popular” and “well known” Tag-Teams who ever wrestled. Not taking anything away from any of them. I’ve loved the Tag-Team Division since the days of the High Flyers back in the 70’s with the AWA. But Mark & Jay Briscoe had a drive and were more dedicated than most. Whether the crowd was a Gymnasium with 50-250 people or a arena with 1,000 – 2,500+ or more, they ALWAYS GAVE 1,000% EVERY SINGLE TIME OUT. They always made sure that fans ALWAYS GOT a 1,000 % BRISCOE BROTHERS WRESTLING MATCH! They are/were so talented and exciting to watch. God Bless Jay Briscoe, his family, especially his daughters and his wife, Mark, and the rest of his family. You will be missed but your LIFE, AND LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY IS ETERNAL. So is the love for Jay and Mark’s work inside the ring. It will never be forgotten. 🙏🕊RIP🙏🕊Jay🙏🕊🙏🙏 WE LOVE YOU!

  6. Kot W says:

    My heart breaks for Mark but that man went out there and kept his game face on for his brother and the fans. Thank you, Mark and thank you, Jay. Rest easy

  7. Exploring with Shane & Kelly says:

    Not even joking I cried so damn hard through this WHOLE match! I’ve followed the Briscoes since the very beginning. God bless Briscoe’s family! And Tony Kahn is a class act letting the whole roster come out for a tribute after!
    RIP Jay, you will be missed!

  8. Quarantine Beats says:

    I teared up for Jay Briscoe & Jon Huber. Both guys will truly be missed.

  9. Diego Coronado says:

    Descansa en paz Jay Briscoe, gracias por tu entrega al wrestling

  10. Mulldrifter Z says:

    The amount of not only strength but badass and love Mark has, to be able to perform like this is unreal. Reminded me of Bret’s tribute match on WCW nitro for Owen. What a beautiful send off for Jay.

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