Mark Hughes, man Dallas PD called shooting suspect, speaks to media

Mark Hughes, man Dallas PD called shooting suspect, speaks to media

July 7, 2016: Mark Hughes speaks to the media after the Dallas Police Department erroneously announced him as a suspect involved in the fatal shooting of several officers during a protest on Thursday.

Video: KTVT

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20 Responses

  1. Bradley Morris says:

    Black people are like wild dogs.Always breaking the law and crying when
    cops busts them. Black people are the problem. I am a black man and i known
    its true. Be real, so do you!

  2. jkjkjk says:

    It was your constitutional right to have guns that were no where near as
    powerful as some of the fucking super soakers that are out now…. not the
    fucking automatic rifles you lot are walking around with! Carry a powerful
    gun in public, get shot because you are an idiot. Evolve idiots!

  3. Vince Linkaling says:

    Armed with guns. Me, armed with Pokemon.

  4. Alexander Vastardis says:

    When I was watching CNN as it was happening, the officer said PERSON OF
    INTEREST! Then the CNN reported immediately said SUSPECT. Misquoting the
    officer right off the bat.

  5. MAD GREEN says:

    the US is getting crazy. I’m moving to Canada in a few months

  6. Carson says:

    Kanye West is everywhere nowadays.

  7. Random Hatemail says:

    Why people complain about white people have licensed guns when black people
    carry them in their waste shooting people and yelling out black lives
    matter and fuck the police

  8. William Martin says:

    I always take my gun to peaceful rally too…yeah boy!

  9. Antwan Scriven says:

    Shit crazy Mann could of been killed

  10. Joseph Angelone says:

    why did you take a rifle to a peacful protest dumb fuck

  11. Brian Nickelson says:

    Race aside, how can these 2 guys play the victim about how they were
    treated when FIVE police officers just lost their lives protecting them.
    Imagine the situation those families are in. smh

  12. sumin156 says:

    Why does he even have a gun with him on said “peaceful” protest.

  13. Natasha Ahmed says:

    He needs an apology via twitter and the media NOW.

  14. MarkSLX says:

    Why dont people understand the concept of shithead police in America?
    Police will always pull something like this.

  15. Luis Navas says:


  16. deby Salinas says:

    god bless you sir because in reality, he could have been killed

  17. Jerome Jankowski says:

    check out Dominic Jankowski new mixtape

  18. Yung Kaos says:


  19. RockyTop120 says:

    I like what the guy in the white shirt said but shooting cops is no answer
    it just makes it worst.

  20. Ayayona LittleEagle says:

    It’s called White Privilege ….. The entire White race whole agenda is to
    destroy and kill every one of color sooner or later … They want the whole
    Black Race and Asian Race and Middle Eastern and Native American Races gone
    …. 100% Genocide of every Race …. These cop’s are not here for the
    people of color safety they are here to kill us all off….