Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “UPTOWN FUNK” (Sung in CARTOON Voices!)

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “UPTOWN FUNK” (Sung in CARTOON Voices!)

– This week, I cover the popular song “Uptown Funk” in cartoon voices. Hope you like!
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20 Responses

  1. Matt Flood says:

    This video got some radio time in the biggest morning show in St Louis.

  2. Womble901 says:

    the ‘oh nooo’ cracks me up every time XD

  3. atinkerfairy says:

    Loved it!

  4. Michelle Williams says:

    I wov it :3 everyones sayin you should do chandiler but its a really hard
    song and your supposed to do it in different voices and your a guy, i can
    just imagine how difficult that would be but if you could do it, awesome

  5. Emma Harrington says:

    Kick ass video saw this on +Facebook Login 

  6. XxRobotEngKaiSenDoesGamesXx XxEngKaiSenXx says:

    Can you do drive by or 50 ways to say goodbye or hey soul sister by train

  7. margareth michelina says:

    Roger sounds like Peter to me. You need to work on his voice, Mikey.

  8. Mangle The Fox says:

    XD best video ever your so good at the voices

  9. Yarfangor says:


  10. Emily Saker says:


  11. Cody Fraser-Gillard says:

    Please don’t ever do roger again. Ever.

    Don’t take this the wrong way I love your videos and you nail most of the
    impressions dead on but just please don’t do roger

  12. TATEY K says:

    this is amazing

  13. Veronica Moore says:

    First time I’ve seen a video from you and I must say…ridiculously

  14. Scarlett Tyson says:

    Mikey, you’re so great at this!! Just when I thought there wasn’t much to
    YouTube anymore, you give me something to smile about!!! Keep up the good

  15. sammij911 says:

    INSTANT CLASSIC!!! LOVE IT!!! Facebooked it stat!!! Super talented guy!!!

  16. Stephonie Metzermacher says:

    Made my day! ❤

  17. MommyHarrison! says:

    EPIC as ever +Mikey Bolts You have a talent for making me smile 🙂 I think
    the day I discovered your video’s I fell a tiny bit in love, just a little,
    not like im stalking you or anything :p (insert meniacal laugh) xx

  18. GunnarsGaming says:

    Do you do prank calls because my brother thinks you do

  19. ThibautVDP says:

    this is a straight masterpiece!

  20. Erika B. says:

    I’m in love!