Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus – No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande cover) in the Live Lounge

Mark Ronson, Miley Cyrus – No Tears Left To Cry (Ariana Grande cover) in the Live Lounge

Mark Ronson & Miley Cyrus cover Ariana Grande’s No Tears Left To Cry in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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53 Responses

  1. MUSICALIZANDO - Mari Bianchini says:

    this is even better than the original

    (brs olhem meu canal se vcs já tiverem por aqui mesmo rs)

  2. zainabhussainZM08 says:

    Ok but imagine her covering Dusk Till Dawn ???

  3. Rafael Bueno says:

    her ability to make songs her own instead of having them just sound like a cover is what makes her an artist. WHAT A VOICE

  4. Denis Denchev says:

    Right now I’m in a state of mind
    I can listen to Miley sing all the time

  5. Josie Cheyne says:

    Miley has such a gorgeous voice

  6. Clara Steemer says:

    Her country twang on this song got me so dead in a good way. It was just unexpected…I love it!!!

  7. Harrison Beiser says:

    but how about the orchestra, guys

  8. daysi ascencio says:

    Esa voz omg ??

  9. safaa saoudi says:

    Miley’s voice gave to this song like a deep sad wild feeling !

  10. NKO10HD says:

    Love how Miley perform this cover in her own way with that Miley touch and it was fantastic. But Ari rn is the queen of pop and vocally is just one of the greatest currently.

    • Rachel Nicole says:

      personally disagree.. I think Miley is the queen on pop. her voice is VERSATILE babe. show me where Ari changes her voice and isn’t the same sound in literally everything. her voice is always high. Miley can sing literally anything and make it her own such as this video and make it amazing.

    • Snow says:

      +Rachel Nicole Miley may have more versatility, and it’s not to say that she’s a bad singer; she’s amazing! I just think Ariana has a better range and more control in her voice.

    • Walter Villalba says:

      +Rachel Nicole you must listen Ariana’s lower register

    • Rachel Nicole says:

      higher range yes agreed. but I do not agree that Ari has more control. I think they’re both good in that aspect. I wasn’t hating on Ari. but to me she doesn’t do anything different with her voice where as Miley does CONSTANTLY

    • Rachel Nicole says:

      +Walter Villalba okay, send me there..

  11. Bryan says:

    Her hair grew soooo much?

  12. Harais Hussain says:

    Ariana and Nicki are a good duo. But Ariana and Miley? That could be an even better one.

    • Inej Brekker says:

      they are amazing together – they made a collab some years ago, search for ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ 🙂

  13. visalakshi singh says:

    The texture she has in her voice just made it better.

  14. Lacy Shrewsbury says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the original version, but one thing Miley does better than Ariana is pronunciation. I could actually understand he lyrics when Miley sang it.

    • hi ! says:

      Mai Holmgaard it is a stylistic choice, she’s said it before. yes ariana is a trained vocalist but that’s why. a few years ago, she sounded like a britney spears/celine dion wannabe and now she has a unique voice because she’s added small characteristics like nasality and lack of pronunciation. it gives her voice character. also it doesn’t strain her voice at all

    • Mai Holmgaard says:

      +hi !Well i don’t think it’s strains her voice either:) which is good. I think its nice that it has these characteristics, but jaw tension definitely isn’t a good habit. But it only occurs sometimes though. I personally do understand what she’s singing most of the time. I only wanted to inform people why the two styles present the pronunciation different from each other. No beef?

    • Vivvy says:

      Mai Holmgaard no its definitely a choice because when she sings broadway she pronounces her words but in her own songs she slurs them

    • Sierra Alamilla says:

      Her voice still does strain a lot and not because of her pronunciation, it’s just a lack of technique I really think she can approve on.

    • Mai Holmgaard says:

      +VivvyPherhaps but her teqnique has changed since Broadway, and her teqnique might have changed into having some bad habits. But I guess this discussion really is endless:) as long as ariana’s vocals doesn’t get damaged:)

  15. IAMASELENATOR92 says:

    She has such a good voice and Ariana and Miley are both such strong women

  16. saint says:

    i’m not used to people actually pronouncing the words omg. she’s so cute.

    • itstheemcat says:

      Turhan Branché it’s the style that she sings in. Ari was a great Broadway vocalist with good enunciation… pop has damaged her vocals. It’s unfortunate but her voice is on the decline (gradually though).

    • Mai Holmgaard says:

      +itstheemcat well I would not say it’s the genre of pop that is to blame it’s her own “choice” to sing with the teqnique that damages her voice ( I don’t if her vocal though)

    • Bader says:

      Turhan Branché you must be referring to her old songs her enunciation now is not even close to how bad it used to be in 2014/2015… listen to at least one song from her last album and you’ll see, she worked on that a very long time ago

    • Wicked_One83 says:


    • uǝʍo says:

      Bader the person is not throwing shade at ariana their profile pic is literally ari ?

  17. Gideon Arrington says:

    Miley is such an underrated vocalist. She’s so brilliant and has such great control. One of the best this decade.

  18. pcarebear1 says:

    OMG Miley has proven she has grown into her own unique voice. She really has grown into developed singer, so PROUD of her & ready for her new material

  19. SHANEL NUMBER 5 says:

    Legends supporting legends and we stan! Once A Miley Fan ALWAYS a Miley Fan!

  20. Katelyn Chauca says:

    She has such a unique voice ?

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