Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show

Mark Wahlberg Gives Terrible Celebrity Advice to Tom Holland | The Graham Norton Show

Get a jacuzzi… get a medical marijuana license…
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19 Responses

  1. Chase Pendleton says:

    God I love this show.

  2. Parth Gajjar says:

    Mark Wahlberg might be a good person but he looks like a douche.

  3. Kevin H says:

    This kid will go far! He’s under RDJ 😉

  4. Buffalo Soldier says:

    If only Marky Mark recieved good advice before doing what he did to that Asian man

  5. 9 GAG-SEEN says:


  6. Mario Habijanec says:

    Is that really a terrible advice? To have some fun ?

  7. Fatemah Jafar says:

    Well, at least Mark knows he’s the last person who should be giving advice

  8. Nicole Kennedy says:

    Mark’s just jealous that he ain’t Nathan Drake

  9. TheMovieMyLife says:

    Wahlberg is charismatic and makes a good talk show guest, even when he’s drunk as per that Graham Norton Show episode he was on some years back.

  10. IRenegadEEEEE says:

    Mark on Graham Norton and not drunk? #Letdown

  11. Khalil Elakhal says:

    Mark Wahlberg just being honest

  12. erkan yunis says:

    we know mark is Graham fav guest lol that drunk episode done him alot of favours oh yeah sorry and he has a movie coming out lol

  13. Mayank Choudhary says:

    Go beat a Vietnamese guy. You know, have fun dude.

  14. chloe doyle says:

    Tom holland is so attractive!!

  15. lastofmykind8 says:

    Now when the cops pull him over he can just say, “I’m having fun for Mark Wahlberg.”

  16. Shahbano Malik says:

    End of Graham’s video always make me laugh… “Subscribe or not Its a free world”

  17. FuzzFace says:

    Mark Wahlberg has all of the forehead.

  18. Synikal says:

    Uhg this videos are so saturated with red it drives me nuts

  19. Brandon D says:

    Somebody’s afraid somebody’s going to take his career lol

    Ps. Bc somebody’s getting old.

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