Markiplier Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Markiplier Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Markiplier takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself. Why does Markiplier have a pink mustache? Why can’t Markiplier drink alcohol? Who drew his YouTube icon? Why did he need to have surgery? Mark answers all of these questions and more!

Check out more of Mark at his YouTube Channel:

Cloak brand:

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Markiplier Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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63 Responses

  1. Markiplier says:

    Hey, thanks for having me on! Happy to answer these questions!

  2. Natalie Harman says:

    Board: Who drew Markiplier’s icon?
    Markiplier: *makes everyone want to cry*

  3. PokeTom says:

    Mark, your voice is the DEFINITION OF ASMR!! ?? SO CALMING!!!
    You’ve got such a big heart Mark!! Wired should be BEYOND HONORED to have you here clearing everything up! ❤❤❤

  4. Simproved says:

    Always blown away about how much of a nice guy he is. I used to watch him everyday some years ago. Five or six years ago? I somehow stopped. Guess my interests shifted little by little. I was kinda surprised to see this video in my recommendations. Glad he still is as awesome as he was when I watched him. Definitely one of the good guys of this platform!

  5. CENTURION Cappcb says:

    Mark being emotional but not crying… I DEMAND TEARS!!!

  6. versacedobrik says:

    “i like board games now….those are pretty cool”


    • Ice Cold Lemonade says:

      versacedobrik no it isn’t you. You are not him. I hate how people say that because you literally cannot be another person. I understand it’s a joke but it makes absolutely no sense and it isn’t funny at all. That “joke” was buried a long time ago now people are just dancing and spitting on top of the grave of the joke.

    • Georgia Taylor says:

      Insert Pikachu surprised face meme

    • versacedobrik says:

      Ice Cold Lemonade omg but like me tho

    • knifetoys says:

      +Ice Cold Lemonade omg me,, so me. Me. Me. Me

  7. catcake :3 says:

    People: so why did your first channel become banned
    Mark: okay, first of all, the YouTube algorithm

  8. Salma Wennekers says:

    Why is Markiplier king of five night at Freddie’s?

    Mark: uhh BeCaUsE I sAiD sO

  9. Hagan says:

    I love how transparent and down-to-earth and real Mark is. Keeping it 100. Fewer and fewer people these days share these traits.
    Max respect to you, my man.

  10. sister schnatched says:

    “is markiplier done with youtube??

    Markiplier 1 month later: “I’m quitting youtube.”

    • Eloïse Bourragué says:

      -“im quitting youtube.”
      Everyone, national “i-quit-youtube” day. Also known as “april fools”.

  11. Commander Otter says:

    Mark: “I have tryptophobia. That’s a fear, of like, small holes, like, patterns of small holes”
    Also Mark: *wears shirt with small dots clumped together in a pattern*

    • Ryan Bouchard says:

      That’s not how it wooooorks
      Different sizes, moving, wriggling
      Don’t tell me I’m wrong, because I have it

    • The Person says:

      Commander Otter it’s more of like more uncoordinated holes and like the holes on the beach

    • Exine says:

      +Savage Yoongi R/whoosh

    • Devil's Night ASMR says:

      I also have it. It all depends on the person, and what bothers them. Mine depends on how close together and the colors. And if it even remotely looks like the holes are in someones skin, there goes everything I’ve eaten in the past 24 hours.

    • Wlla643 :D says:

      I haven’t watched the video yet because I can’t at the place I am at right now but really?!?! I didn’t know we both have a stupid phobia of holes! And yeah it’s mild and the shirt wouldn’t do that, like the all the other replys said.

  12. Oh shit what says:

    He screams so much I often forget how low his voice actually is

  13. Melanie 2 says:

    This just showed up in my recommended section, and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this guy before. He seems like such a sweet warm genuine soul! The part where he spoke about time management and the make a wish kid was so touching ????? he has such a calming presence too. I wish him every success!!!!

    • Wlla643 :D says:

      What?!?! You never heard of Mark before?!?! …then again I can’t really talk. I only just found him at the start of 2019 but it feels like forever! He also does a lot of videos with other people. Wait… if you haven’t heard of mark, then who else have you not heard of?!?! I assume you know PewDiePie, the #1 subscribed channel on YouTube. (he is not the best but subscribe to him anyways he needs it to beat t-series, the #2 channel) I hope you have heard of Jacksepticeye! He is a Irish YouTuber who is good friends with mark and does very similar stuff. He is also extremely nice and funny and in my personal opinion (please don’t get mad at me people) he is slightly better than mark! And you should see how much he gives to people who help people in need! (I cant spell the actual word) he does a live stream to raise money for others every month and he is just the nicest dude ever.

    • Tar rut says:

      Markiplier seems so nice, yes. Part of that is for the camera though, but he is a very sweet person.

    • zeze 27 says:

      this guy is probably my favorite person ever

    • Mark the shark says:

      How have u not heard about him he’s red pewdiepie

    • saitama black goku says:

      Wow you should watch his videos he’s really funny and cool guy

  14. Painted Parrott says:

    I know very little about this guy but I sat through the whole video just to listen to his voice. Can we recruit him to read audiobooks or something? I don’t even care what they’re about.

  15. TheMysteriousLady says:

    He has a really narrative voice. Imagine him in audible

  16. pokeyoaks86 says:

    Ugh his voice just fixes all my problems.

  17. King Raymesiris says:

    “There is so many videos on my channel that are the reason I can never go into a career in politics and that is one of them.”

    *Slowly lowers MARKIPLIER 2020 banner after waving it*

  18. Kra tos says:

    Jack NEEDS to do this, everyone reach out to Sean on social media and tell him to do wired auto complete, that’ll be great

  19. Jiji C. says:

    His voice is so soothing. It’s deeper than my emotional baggage.

  20. EhYeet says:

    Why did Markiplier’s first channel get deleted?
    Mark: Okay first of all, (because of) the YouTube algorithm.

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