Markiplier Makes: Breakfast

Markiplier Makes: Breakfast

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Let’s start this day of RIGHT with some delightful wholesome breakfast! No better way to start a day full of PAINFUL CHALLENGES and PUNISHMENTS! At least it’s all for a great cause to help us out and spread the word!

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102 Responses

  1. Nixon III says:

    🎶🎵Andrew, We Love You!🎶🎵 (Stuck in my head now x.x)

  2. The Meow DIYer! :3 says:

    I came here when they said goodbye XD

  3. meg says:

    ethan with *_glasses_*

  4. Emik G says:

    Ahojte, komu sa páči Markiplier?😀

  5. OH YEAH says:


  6. TiDrA says:

    When I was a kid, uhhhh, I would sometimes get into the deep end of a pool, and I would have the thought: heh. What if there were a shark in here? And then… over the next few minutes of being in the deep end, it gradually congealed into “FUCK ME, there is a shark in here!” Don’t matter if I can see through the water, don’t matter, he was behind me, HE’S MADE OF GLASS! Glass Shark, Glass Shark… Glass Shark love fat kid. That’s one thing you gotta know ’bout Glass Shark. Glass Shahk, he luff da fat kid. You stay out de watah fat kid, Glass Shark cumin’ FO’ YOU. He gitchu down in dat bad deep wadah, dat DAAAAAHK WADAH. Fat kid NO GO. GLASS SHAHK COME TO DAT DAHK WADAH AN’ HE GITCHU FAT KID! YOU SWIM AROUND HE BITE’CHO TRUNKS CLEAN OFF, YOU TUBBY LITTLE FISH! You swim all you want… Glass Shark GON’ COME. GLASS SHAHK BEHIND YOU FAT KID YOU GOTTA SWEEEEEEEM, SWEEM FASTER AND PRETEND THERE’S A CORN DOG AT THE OTHER END OF THE POOL AN’ GIT OUTTA DAT DARK WATAH. Dat dark watah dat GLASS SHAHK COMIN’ FO’ YOU FAT KID! He don’t care, he GLAAAAAASSS SHAHK.

  7. SM64 Lover says:

    *Best Breakfast ever*

  8. Lu Kyun says:

    Ethan can you not look so cute pls like fhdgfudsism

  9. AirbornTyler says:


  10. Rainbowpizzadog says:


  11. TheCorruptDragon says:

    I fucking missed it
    I made a point to watch it then missed it
    blow me

  12. Sea Emperor says:

    Here we see a wild Markipilier gathering food for the winter

  13. SM64 Lover says:

    Don’t you hate when you miss the livestream because of stupid reasons?
    Mine was going to the Institute.
    What’s yours?

  14. SoulShard says:


  15. Kyra Huenergardt says:

    I want to donate, but I’m only 13 sooo.. Yah. 🙁

  16. Little Miss Pilot says:

    Ethan is so cute with glasses. HOLY SHIT

  17. SlyJetPrime says:

    Crankiplier…Red Ship Blue Ship! I so wish it was Tythan

  18. Aric Shadow Dragon says:

    This was…this was fun XD Anyways keep up the amazing videos Mark

  19. Irony level:expert says:

    I call sabotage! Markimoo turned down Tyler’s griddle near the beginning which is why his food was under done and Mark and Ethans wasn’t. (Still love you though Mark)

  20. Irony level:expert says:

    Am I the only person amused that Bob’s picture is on the bob for apples tub? XD

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