Markiplier Reacts to 6 Million Fan Music Video

Markiplier Reacts to 6 Million Fan Music Video

Yes… I cry like a baby. But it is a FANTASTIC video, thank you to everyone who participated! I am honored that people would take the time to make something like this for me and I only want to give back to you guys in some way. Thank you for making my life amazing. Please take a moment and click the link below to go to the video and show your appreciation for the work that was done to make this video something special (and watch it again with a blubbering man-baby in the corner :P)
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20 Responses

  1. Bob says:

    You are awesome

  2. Lucia Michaelis says:

    Mark you made me tear up! Darn it man xD aww hugs this is so cool though!

  3. THE_BLANK says:

    All those people got famous super fast and easy. D3£P?

  4. Mr Onkon says:

    There’s one word that can describe this video and that one word is love
    We all love you mark, you are the best and to have 6 million people watch
    you is amazing you are the best person I know you make me smile every time
    you upload a video you show that one person can get so popular by uploading

  5. Snakerules00 says:

    Congratulations Mark on 6 million subs, when i was first getting a computer
    i loved watching youtube, well one day your Curse of the Black water video
    popped up in my news feed, I loved it so much I started watching more from
    you and started becoming a real fan. You are the only reason i got a
    channel now and i’m making videos, you inspired me to change directions and
    now my main focus is youtube and i wish to be like you one day, (which is
    never gonna happen cause you’re awesome!). You’ve inspired me to do this
    and i thank you so much for that, your amazing and i know you’ll stay that
    way forever! Once again congrats on 6 million!!!!!!!

  6. Angela Lee says:

    We love you Mark! <33
    I cri when you cri :')

  7. TheNeutralUmbra says:

    Thank you Mark for making every day of living hell deployment in Africa
    better for me and the rest of my battle buddies. Keep up the great work and
    don’t ever give up for what you believe in.

  8. Lauren Kiley says:

    I have to admit I shed a few tears. The video was nice but it wasn’t what
    me cry. Mark’s reaction and emotion did. He really is a great person. He
    appreciates all of his fans/followers/subscribers more than any other
    youtuber I know of. I don’t know you personally Mark, but every video like
    this really inspires me. Keep on doing what you do and there will always be
    people standing behind you. You rock man! :3

  9. Nikkita Ste.croix says:

    Your an amazing person

  10. Willfredo Rodriguez says:

    Mark u the best 

  11. A4Ashton Gaming says:

    I Loved Your Amnisia Vids. IDK How To Spell Amnisia. Also Love Your Vids.

  12. Anna LPS says:

    No problem markiplier love you :3

  13. Alexandra Summerlin says:

    i cried with you Mark, we all did, and there is no need to thank us, you
    are the one to thank, we all love you Mark please know this, if you never
    made a YouTube so many people whould still be doing bad this such as
    killing then selfs but because of you, YOU MARK, you made so many people
    happy like me and all 6 Mil XD, i love you and we love you Mark

  14. wereman08 says:

    Play the new FNAF 3 Demo! Look on Steam Greenlight and go download the
    …You won’t be disappointed.

  15. Clayton Taylor says:

    Mark please dont cry when you read this: Man your awesome you will never
    give up hope anywhere and anytime you are the best youtuber I have ever
    seen and the bravest youtuber your more of a man then pewdiepie when it
    comes to scary games. You’ll never be alone anywhere and anytime I am one
    of your suscribers and you are the best youtuber. 

  16. Mansour Shehadeh says:

    I’m getting the feels man

  17. Samuel Callender says:

    Markiplier. Thank you for giving us emotional times, fun times, horrifying
    times, and allowing us to know you. Your father is so very proud of you.
    And he loves you very dearly. Thank you my friend, and we will all see you
    in the next video. 

  18. Lisa Sky says:

    I literally want to cry right now watching this ;~; your an amazing person
    Mark!!! and an amazing inspiration.. hope you never change because we all
    love you for you <3 

  19. mylifeisafacepalm says:

    Mark! I just wanted to hold you! <3 <3 <3 We all love you so much and we
    love that you appreciate us as much as you do. You are so humble and
    grounded. <3

  20. Rubixfox records! says:

    You know. idk how this world work anymore. U know, you only hear bad words
    about people and stuff going on. But then theres this part also. That small
    piece of the world. This comunity. If all people where like this. The world
    would be a better place. And thnx to mark im crying in my bed. Before
    school and its so amazing that so much people watching. That being a
    youtuber looks amazing