Markiplier Reacts to 8 Million Fan Reaction Video

Markiplier Reacts to 8 Million Fan Reaction Video

Yes… I cry like a baby. Again. I don’t know why but this one hit me even harder than the last one. Once again, thank you everyone who made this video possible and an even BIGGER thank you to everyone who makes this community something truly special!

I really didn’t want to cut any of this video down but the original recording lasted for about an hour! But I do want everyone in this video to know that I saw EVERY single one of you! Thank you SO MUCH for being there for me!


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20 Responses

  1. Keiry Cortes says:

    markiplier u are a cool person and when i see your videos make me think
    like well i dont know but what is more importent is u because your awsome
    and u also make me laugh and i love drawing u im like your fan but still
    your awsome,cool and funny and thank u for being there for all of us who
    care and for making us all smile thanks you!

  2. Vanya Braginski says:

    This is why Markiplier is amazing. His tears are real, he really does care
    about his fans. He loves them and cries with them.
    You are a real inspiration Mark, and everyone loves you. You get people
    through so much shit and horrible stuff, by being the funny goofball that
    you are. Please keep being you, and it’s okay to cry☺️.

  3. dakota wedin says:

    Second time I’ve watched this and I cried tears of joy. Congratulations on
    8,000,000 subscribers Mark. Keep being you.

  4. Alice NotAbunny says:

    And we will see you in the next video…. Bah-bye. *heavily cries*

  5. angel wolf28 says:

    we love you so much mark we have built an awesome community and we all
    think your amazing thanks for everything you have done. :)

  6. Shinoa 眼帯 says:

    * tries no to cry *
    * cries a lot * 

  7. Yuki Chan says:

    Cri cri cri cri

  8. TalkingSquidMC says:


  9. WhenimchillinTV says:

    I didnt cry from this but i felt that shit. All 8million people you care
    about but you dont even know them. They need you but cant reach out to you.

  10. Aleksandra Herold says:

    Stop crying Mark 

  11. SydSyd Games says:

    I haven’t been watching u for that long, by I have to say when I am
    depressed, I watch u and I laugh and I’m happy! I’m happy I found you!

  12. jesus ochoa says:

    Way to go mark

  13. Michael Gonzalez says:

    Give me the whole box

  14. Rainbow Rocket says:

    Love you, Mark.

  15. Mitchell GoldenHorn says:

    tears rolled down my face…;)

  16. FoxRockets says:

    Is it bad that I’m not crying? These kinds of things don’t make me cry.

  17. Luke Sevet says:

    Thank you Mark for everything you’ve done

  18. dewey irelan says:

    Markiplier, Pretty much god.

  19. Foxy Ro says:

    Mark we love you! :*

  20. ScolfRocking Kid says:

    I never cry except in times of extreme pain, lately. I was balling like a
    baby right then. I can’t even… begin to understand how great this must be
    for you, and also how crazy. But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that you
    should keep doing this, keep doing what you love, because other people will
    grow to love it with you.