Markiplier’s NEW New Home Tour!!

Markiplier’s NEW New Home Tour!!

I found an even more awesome place to call my own out here in Los Angeles! This is where the next phase of amazing videos is going to explode out of, so get ready world! 😀
Mark’s OLD Home Tour ►

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20 Responses

  1. Princess Milkeraitis says:

    What the hell

  2. FlashySenap says:

    Either this was just a small portion of his home, or the planning of this
    house/ apartment is very weird with two bathrooms for such a small home :S

  3. Soly Peirone says:

    He kissed the camera. Senpai finally noticed us.

  4. Jessica Swindale says:

    poop gods, butt stabbers, weird Mark…I love it!
    great house

  5. crystle “kitty” moon says:

    haha nice home mark XD

  6. FG Alpigami says:

    Are you the Charlie Waffle of gaming ?

  7. Christi Benson says:

    Haha, Nice! Its really spacious!

  8. leon Machado says:

    You weird as hell.

  9. Leesa Robinson says:

    oh. first time i saw this i thought tge shower camera was so we can watch
    mark shower “dont worry he cant watch u back” ….darn…

  10. Reese Couture says:

    Nice house mark

  11. Cyan Guptilll says:

    Mark is sooo attractive

  12. MCShadowBlade says:

    I came for reverse gyrating out of bathrooms.

    I wasn’t disappointed! :D

  13. Bradley Bradley says:

    I couldn’t help but crack up, I found what you did combined with your bad
    thing pretending to be good Advertisement accent Hilarious, and with
    minimal Breaks without mention on how funny this is

  14. Jessica Miller says:

    how can people put their mattress against a wall…seriously.

  15. Nellie Åhlström says:

    damn you are good looking mark :D

  16. Paul Simcott says:

    Name of the music? Please… xD

  17. Tuck Sauce says:

    Mark wheres the room where you set up your computer and noise-cancelling

  18. dragon slayer says:

    So cheesy

  19. Kallie Quinn says:

    “And here’s where I hide my bodies!” XD

  20. JacnAub says:

    I’m fresh eatin subway