Marshawn Lynch On The Colin Kaepernick Controversy – CONAN on TBS

Marshawn Lynch On The Colin Kaepernick Controversy – CONAN on TBS

Marshawn supports Colin’s protest, saying it’s not a danger to either football or the country.

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20 Responses

  1. Legion Ivory says:

    Can’t argue with that.

  2. Drew Peterson says:

    I love how people are getting butthurt over this.

  3. ploidz says:

    Respect +infinity. There I fixed the crazy comments.

  4. Luis R. says:

    Either way, we aren’t North Korea. If a person wants to protest by taking a
    knee, then let them.

  5. Randy Murdoff says:

    He gave his opinion when asked ppl

  6. Holla Blaque says:

    Thanks for not Cooning ML…you just found a new fan.

  7. Quinn Lingwall says:

    Yeah ok people say they’ve lost respect for a man that cares about what
    happens in this country. You the real people disrespecting this country.

  8. Greg Oden says:

    I love how Marshawn wont ever do anything involving social media besides go
    on Conan :)

  9. The Mustache Man says:

    Can’t argue with a dude that has the most chill, soothing demeanor ever.

  10. Deus ALEX says:

    Marshawn said it perfect how I’ve always felt about the knee down. It’s
    bringing attention to a problem and people who see this as a threat are
    probably racist and refuse to see what its really all about. Bringing
    awareness to a constant problem. Men of color being treated like felons
    when breaking a simple law or being questioned and gunned down
    unnecessarily. The flag should represent freedom and justice FOR ALL and
    that’s not what is happening.

  11. Gac Zorman says:

    I love seeing lynch on Conan ever since Mortal Kombat X two years ago

  12. T SMACKS says:

    I respect Lynch’s opinion. he absolutely telling the truth. look around and
    see what’s happening. nobody should have a problem with peaceful
    protesting, but everyone should have a problem with the injustices that can
    be fixed other world. especially people getting gunned down for no apparent

  13. Sam A says:

    He ain’t wrong.

  14. projectNERV says:

    Nicely said Lynch.

  15. Daya Subramanian says:

    If Jimmy Fallon had conducted this interview:
    Marshawn: I’d rather have him kneel than get murdered with his hands in the
    Fallon: hahahahaaha good, hold this banana like it’s a phone

  16. BNAMusic88 _ says:

    only a racist would have a problem with another American simply wanting

  17. Tim Roane says:

    “Something needs to be done for it to stop” yeah obey the laws, follow
    instructions when dealing with cops and don’t resist, there is a good

  18. Warren McDaniel says:

    God dammit Conan you were my favorite. Letting people complain about a
    problem that doesn’t exist.

  19. Misael Barrientos says:

    This comment section is full of blind ass people man

  20. Greg B says:

    Look at all the triggered white people commenting below