Martin Garrix feat. Usher – ‘Don’t Look Down’ [Official Music Video YTMAs]

Martin Garrix feat. Usher – ‘Don’t Look Down’ [Official Music Video YTMAs]

The new music video for Don’t Look Down from Martin Garrix directed by Petros with an appearance by Natalia Bonifacci presented by the 2015 YouTube Music Awards #YTMA

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The 2015 YouTube Music Awards are presented by Kia

Director: Petros
Production Company: Draw Pictures
Executive Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
Video Commissioner: Caroline Clayton
Producer: Christopher Salzgeber
Director of Photography: Alexander Dynan
Stylist: Kate DeBlasio
Make Up­ Vanessa Price
Production Designer: Ariana Nakata
Editor: Chip Eddy – Towel Boy
Editor: Marissa Chalwood – Towel Girl
Casting: Spitfire Casting
Towel Boy – AJ Knight
County Club Girl – Natalia Bonifacci
Aerobics Instructor – Richie Greenfield

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19 Responses

  1. Edgar Zotov says:

    I see that you’re getting more artistic Youtube! Awesome!

  2. Nubbin Chill says:


    I’m still looking 4 my towel boy!

  3. Barbara Calixtro says:

    p love you martin sarrix

  4. Koala Kontrol says:

    i wanna ride a seahorse

  5. florencia gomez says:

    Que buen video jaja! 

  6. KIKWIZ MUSIC says:

    It’s a cool song , but he could at least not use the same synths and plucks
    from Forbidden voices.

  7. Meg Mam says:

    Damn. I didnt know he was Jesus

  8. George Barros says:

    The effects was made in paint?

  9. g4breu NTC says:


  10. julio serrano says:

    For a second I thought the towel boy was garrix 

  11. Ewerton Magalhaes says:

    cool beat , annoying singing by usher , especially when he says Doooooowwwn

  12. Prince Mauhdi III says:

    I wouldnt ruin a good song with a bad performance by Usher, nor Chris
    Brown, etc.
    I understand the business reasons to do it, through Scooter helping his
    friend Usher,
    but his vocals are forced and awful, he is not rave, plenty of singers
    could do better

  13. Carlos Antonio says:

    goog musik 

  14. Alessandra Claro says:

    Lol :)

  15. Alessandra Claro says:

    What the?

  16. Fernando Azpeitia Hernandez says:


  17. MasterFateful says:

    Where was this filmed? Looks like somewhere in California, but anyone know
    specifically where it is?

  18. Exer Flame says:

    When you tried so much to impress a girl…Her boyfriend walks in…
    ._.lll … the feels

  19. 刘小平 says: