Marvel Cinematic Universe Romantic Comedy: “Vulture Remix” Episode 20

Marvel Cinematic Universe Romantic Comedy: “Vulture Remix” Episode 20

With the next stage of the Marvel ascendancy coming with the newly teaser’d and ever-so-bromantic “Captain America: Civil War,” we decided to envision a world where the Avengers gave up on the world-saving and just went full romantic comedy on us.

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16 Responses

  1. 4za says:


  2. Facu Arancibia says:

    I would… I mean.. It’s that I would totally go for that

  3. leo greco says:


  4. Zain Karim says:


  5. Entertainment Fanatic says:

    Way too awesome, great job!!

  6. Austin Smith says:

    Look. Look what Disney has done

  7. Ginger Powder says:

    How could you leave out Agent Coulson? ?

  8. Katie Clowse says:


  9. Ali Majid says:

    Now THAT was funny

  10. Peyton says:

    Would totally watch

  11. Jay Lara says:

    This is beautiful

  12. Felicity Parcell says:

    I would totally watch that!

  13. Brett Tordenson says:

    i would watch this movie.

  14. The Excalibur (SepticWarfGrumpling) says:

    I would watch Loki’s Just Not That Into You. Make it happen, people!

  15. Sarang Jogi says:

    Looks way better than the original.

  16. djparaense says:

    Love it!!