Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee

Marvel Remembers the Legacy of Stan Lee

Marvel Comics and The Walt Disney Company salute the life and career of Stan Lee and offer our undying gratitude for his unmatchable accomplishments within our halls. Please join us in remembering Stan “The Man” Lee.

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53 Responses

  1. Thanos Murderer says:

    We may forget many hero’s but we will never forget the man who made the hero’s

  2. Helena Rosno says:

    Rip Stan Lee, thanks for all of the stories, we’re definitely going to miss you❤️

  3. Loser ._. says:

    The only reason I’m into comics and the marvel movies is because of him ?

  4. The Destroyer says:

    Why would anyone ever dislike this?!

  5. Julia Milani says:

    Stan lee 1922-2018 the man who single handedly
    created the genre of the comic which gave many
    people a great escape to a whole new world. Stan,
    I just wanna say thank you we will never forget you.

  6. NPC #7048164 says:

    He’s in the soul stone now. It’s ok.

  7. NCD Music says:

    *:((( Legend Forever Die*

  8. im shar says:


  9. Conman Killer1234 says:

    I can never enjoy any new marvel movies without seeing Stan lee in it

    • Alyssa Sweeney says:

      I think they already filmed his cameos for the next films

    • Naya Coleman says:

      Conman Killer1234 I’m sure he’ll be in the new Spider-Man movie I think that’s the last cameo. Oh and you know he’ll forever live in the animated versions. So at least we have that❤️

  10. Ourweird Lifestories says:

    There should be a link to dislike the dislikers because they have no life and want to hate a LEGEND who Everyone will miss because of his funny cameos and his characters that we wouldn’t have without him and if you disliked this video you should rethink yourself before you dislike things like this.

  11. Steven Backlund says:

    His imagination will live longer than his body did.

  12. Sophia Skojec says:

    OMG I already miss him!!! He died on my dad’s birthday….

  13. Mr. Waffle says:

    Actually, Stan Lee is the best Marvel character

  14. Diamond Animations says:

    I’m crying in the inside

  15. Sentono Power Guido says:

    Que tristeza para todo um mundo que se espelhava no Homem-Aranha, Hulk, Thor é etc. Que cresceram imaginando ser um vingador. O mundo definitivamente ficou menos heróico.

  16. Ghost Refuge says:

    RIP Stan Lee – The Tolkien of our time.

  17. Emdontplayguitar says:

    He is immortal through his work. Stan Lee, the legend, will live on through his creations and his fans. We’ll always miss you ❤️

  18. Subscribe If You Want No Pressure says:

    He was such a kind and special person. I would always look forward to his cameos in movies because they were so funny. It won’t be the same now. I’ll really miss him, but I know deep down he’ll always be with us. Excelsior Stan.

  19. BadCombos says:

    Man responsible for the positivity in my childhood.

  20. Jegathis says:

    Once a legend always a legend
    RIP Stan The Man Lee

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