Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp – Official Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp – Official Trailer

Real heroes. Not actual size. Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and The Wasp is In theaters July 6.

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66 Responses

  1. rhaspodel says:

    As a comic book fan, after seeing Black Panther and Infinity War, and with Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2, AntMan & Wasp, even Venom…This put a very huge smile on my face.

  2. mr._mowgli says:

    *Thanos inhales Ant-Man. Then goes big, Thonas dies* THE END.

    • goat says:

      mr._mowgli Ant-man shrinks with a semi. He goes inside of Thanos’s nose and then makes the semi grow. Thanos implodes. The Avengers just won.

    • Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!) says:

      No, no, no, you’re all getting it wrong! we’re not talking aboout Thanos, but his cranky little brother Thonas!

    • Killuminatius 7 says:

      And you guys were wondering why he is not in Infinity war he is too overpowered thats why

    • Jimbo Rock says:

      Ah yes, the legendary villain Thonas, wielder of the Finite Glove.

    • al g says:


  3. SpaceTheGamer says:

    “If you two are finished compering sizes”
    Wow Marvel, that wasn’t even remotely subtle xD

  4. Vaibhav Nemani says:

    Marvel you’re the best

  5. Mordecai Johansson says:

    Slappa da bass

    • CV E says:


    • Squid Word says:

      CV E I’ve seen you post this on a few comments and it’s obvious that’s you’re a walking cringe machine in real life so you try to pass it onto other people. I bet you’re socially awkward and look funny, also not one person finds you interesting, so replying “cringe” to random comments makes you feel a little less like a awkward, cringy, loser

    • Jordan deBEST says:

      So im guessing your an I Love you man Fan.

  6. Anime Judge says:

    #1 On Trending…Of Course

  7. Melinda Howe says:

    i am going to see it

  8. Gaming Freak says:


  9. Pedophile says:

    Ant-Man could’ve just crawled up Thanos ass and expand back into normal size

  10. OMEGALAH says:

    I love Paul Rudd.

  11. The Last MASTRUBATOR says:


  12. Anime Clime says:

    Wasp: *If you two are finished comparing sizes..*
    Ant-Man: *65* 🤷

    • Survivalist Extraordinare says:

      We know we all saw ending to the trailer

    • Semystic says:

      Survivalist Extraordinare
      You obviously dont know much about youtube comments. People like to post their favorite lines. Gtfo if youre gonna be a grump.

  13. Tony Crony says:

    I was low-key expecting Hawkeye to show up somewhere

    • The Boss Baby says:

      Tony Crony he’s gonna be ronin

    • Fake Teori says:

      goliath is hawkeye in avenger of ultron his wife is mention as hawkeye is avenger with no superhuman strenght so this is the choise

    • Samuel Williams says:

      CEO Morales Tech I’m expecting a post-credit scene appearance from him. Especially after the ending of IW, I think that will give him a reason to get back in the game

    • Jose Brito says:

      Especially hearing the name “Goliath”

    • NetterNachbar says:

      I do not think Hawkeye will be in the post-credit scene because the movie is set shortly after Civil War.

  14. Joe Capo says:

    _Marvel releases a movie_
    _A few days later_ : Ok, it’s time to release the next trailer.

  15. Veridian says:

    *shudders from PTSD from getting stung*

  16. Veridian says:

    They should’ve put Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen

  17. Zakir Sheriff says:

    I have come to bargain!

  18. mommy says:

    i love marvel so much 😅💞💞💞

  19. Subline says:

    #1 On Trending
    Reply, which you want to see more, ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’ or ‘Venom’.

  20. Roger Kincaid says:

    Please, don’t kill off Hank Pym. I’d like to see him in Avengers 4. And if possible, the three wombats too.

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