Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War — Chant TV Spot

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War — Chant TV Spot

Where will you be when it all ends? Get tickets to Avengers: #InfinityWar now:

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68 Responses

  1. VizZzion says:

    As dope as both trailers have been this was the best one even for a tv spot… Literally made my heart pump

  2. Javizpiaran says:

    The plan is to nevah freeze

  3. Gimic says:


    • Firestorm says:

      Mexican Duck ikr the fan base ruined the movie for me

    • Wanda Maximoff says:

      Firestorm 🤦🏻‍♀️ Marvel is not a charity. Of course main purpose of making movie is money but why do you have such a narrow mind like that? They made black culture and statement be fused in the movie.

    • Mexican Duck says:

      Firestorm frrrr. I don’t hate it. I thought it’s EXTREMELY over rated, but it was still fun. But people are acting like it’s gonna end racism.

    • Adeel Sohail says:

      Lol black panther was just a superhero movie not some blm bullshit

    • Rejector71 says:

      Hahahaha that alone makes me watch it many times

  4. Allen says:

    If the theater I go to doesn’t start chanting when the Wakandans do I’m walking out.

  5. Ptetnt says:

    Take our money!!!!!

  6. mr lowkey says:

    I want a Wakandan Starbucks now.

  7. av4d says:

    You can tell Marvel’s advertisement department was looking at those Black Panther numbers when they tasked their trailer house to make this.

    • SENZES says:

      Jack Custer but the most successful things are mostly overrated, so…? still not diminish those success numbers

    • Mexican Duck says:

      Jay BB wait so is it illegal to not be impressed by a movie because it is in the same universe? That makes is racist?

    • Joseph Mustapha says:

      This movie might actually score some serious number! Smart move Marvel!

    • Max Baba says:

      SorayaM24 The thing is BP was record breaking because it did great domestically since a lot of african-americans watched a Marvel movie for the first time. But it has not broken records internationally which is $895M. The numbers are still lower than the first Avengers. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed BP. For me being asian, I care less about skin color and more about the story. People also flocked to the theaters because it was something new. Many have already been getting superhero fatigue. This is why Marvel is so smart to release BP just before Infinity War. The thing is, the majority of viewers around the world are anticipating Infinity War and not just because BP is in it. The success of Infinity War does not ride on the success of BP but it sure will encourage BP fans to watch it. This is what Marvel wants. And yes, this will break records WORLDWIDE not just domestically.

  8. Sherlock Holmes says:

    “where it all ends”
    ahahah it ended for me ever since the leaked trailer came out

  9. MOBI says:

    *”The Olympics, maybe even a Starbucks”*

  10. You Tube says:

    Yes Yes finally there is HULK.

  11. Xolotl Xtrapolator says:

    Hurry up release already before North Korea nuke us all!!!!

    • Damare Howard says:

      They better not do that shit if they do that before the movie comes out it’s war on this bitch

    • Master Yoda says:

      Ow stop bitching trump will kill you either way so it’s better fast and quick so if I was you I would thank Korea. Don’t forget you evil Americans dropped a nuke at Japan killing over a million people I think it’s time they got there revenge starting with the racist trump

    • Parth Badhwar says:

      That’s not going to happen, the DPRK has actually committed to denuclearization when Kim-Dong Pun was visting China.

    • Frenchy Ball says:

      Listen …that would never happen in a million years.

  12. Kerry Cronic Vlogs says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  13. 엄대현 says:

    Can’t wait for 2020 wakanda olympic

  14. Alex Silverstein says:

    I think these guys just re-cutting trailers so they can sit at the top of trending on the reg.

    • Cash Enos says:

      more than half of this trailer are clips we havent seen yet

    • Alex Silverstein says:

      Cash Enos I mean they just keep putting out trailers, not mixing up the same old footage. They have been trending for months.

    • Endangered Mexican says:

      Alex Silverstein lol triggered fanboy. These directors or who ever is incharge of making trailers do this because they dont want to reveal much. People still argue they show much and some that they dont show much. Half of this trailer was new stuff. You are just a sad dceu fuckboy crying about the snyder cut not releasing

  15. Tramaine Terrance says:

    This is gonna be a great film. History will be made.


  16. Veridian says:

    I just wanna see Bucky speak in Wakandan

  17. Veridian says:

    I can’t wait for Groot to unlock his true form and destroy everyone just by blinking at them

  18. Philip Seven says:

    Okoye: When you said we are going to open Wakanda to the rest of the world, this is not what I imagined.
    T’Challa: What did you imagine?
    Okoye: THE OLYMPICS. Maybe the next STARBUCKS.

  19. MegaDerp161 says:

    Only 20 more days?
    Man I got to catch up on my Marvel stuff otherwise I’m going to miss this beauty!

  20. Roger Kincaid says:

    Independence Day, Armageddon, 2012, The Avengers, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact…

    … New Yorkers are resilient aren’t they?

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