Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Rise TV Spot

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Rise TV Spot

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68 Responses

  1. Adamant League says:

    People can complain about Marvel Films looking bland and gray. But this is beautiful. Marvel is really stepping up their game when it comes to the cinematography. Ragnarock and now this. The colors pop and some shots look like they belong in paintings! So excited to see this on the big screen!

  2. Bi Tra says:

    I bought that movie ticket faster than the speed of light. lol

  3. Aaron Ventura says:

    0:10 Damn, did he just slice half of the door off & throw it at the other dude behind him?


    This looks amazing. Every new trailer makes me even more excited.

  5. Soul Warfare42 says:

    I am excited for the movie but why do they constantly show that slow mo car jumping scene.

  6. Ardi says:

    Why was Martin Freeman’s character questioning about Tchalla being Black Panther when he clearly saw him be Black Panther in CW

  7. Amey Singh says:

    *Get ready to witness a world where more people see black panther than Justice League*

    • Pepe Lantern says:

      Atomix critics score is the only thing you can think off which is given by not even 300 critics. Opinion of rest of the world does not matter, huh?

      Call it a shitty film but average rating given by general audience will always be there to prove your point wrong.

      It’s true that critics see writing, editing, etc. But where did that all go for ghostbusters? That film was boring and a cgi mess but it still got around 75%. Really? They hated JL’s cgi but totally loved cgi in ghostbusters.

      As you said, it’s Black panther trailer, talk about BP and not about JL/DC.

    • Mrstobastoba says:

      You know Justice League was bad when DC fans stop defending it and start blaming Whedon for making it bad

    • BOB News says:

      Triceratops you do know wonder woman is the highest grossing movie of 2017 right

    • KB2 says:

      Pepe Lantern at the end of the day the people are the ones who have to go out to see it not thee critics.

    • KB2 says:

      Pepe Lantern A movie with DC comics most iconic heroes= less than 650 million 38% on rt and the lowest grossing movie in the DCEU ….for its standards that’s the definition of a bad movie.

  8. That Nigga Ned Stark says:

    Hmm.. Those same Wakandan soldiers (the clothing at least) are the same ones that are fighting WITH T’Challa and everyone else in Infinity War.. wonder how that happens. Even tho it wouldn’t be a hard decision to put aside differences that are petty compared to THANOS and his ARMY of Outriders getting the Soul Stone.

  9. Animefan350 says:

    King T’Challa threw that door so fast and hard that the guy flipped! ICONIC

  10. Swapnil Karmakar says:

    I wonder what infinity war would do to me if Black Panther alone is enough to give me this amount of hype😍😍
    🔥Marvel forever🔥

  11. LD Vanadium says:


  12. Spideroos says:

    Well, it was never good knowing ya DC, rip

  13. J. Michael Miller says:

    I’m actually more excited for this than Infinity War

  14. KingLyon20 20 says:


  15. T.O. Beatz says:

    I neva freeeeeze

  16. Stark7Ghost says:

    I don’t know much about Black Panther, but this does put a smile on my face.

  17. CMMaddenJr says:


  18. Lil X says:

    you know it’s gonna be lit when you heard Kendrick Lamar in a movie and to top it off, it’s a Marvel movie. DAMN

  19. The Erotic Movie Review says:


    Nah seriously, mouth is watering baby

  20. Dorian Zagorski says:

    So excited for this piece of art🔥💪🏻 Danai😍

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