Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Long Live Wakanda

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever | Long Live Wakanda


Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, only in theaters November 11. Get tickets now:

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28 Responses

  1. Alison Parker says:

    The lines “Only the most broken people can be good leaders”, gave me chills, RIP Chadwick Boseman, may your legacy live FOREVER

  2. Mr. Hollywood says:

    Seeing black panther and spiderman in civil war were some of my favorite marvel moments. I wish the king had more screen time. It’s hard to believe he filmed all four of those movies while he had cancer. What an absolute legend… I mean, King. Rest in peace Chadwick Boseman, thank you for bringing that character to life.

  3. Brad Merilic says:

    What impresses me more than anything about Boseman is how he handled his disease. Nobody knew. He never used it as an excuse. He STILL got into superhuman shape to stand toe to toe with the other massive Marvel stars essentially while he was dying a little more every day. The man was as classy as they come. I just hope he didn’t go through it alone. No more pain my friend. You earned your rest.

    • Brad Merilic says:

      @A. Smith I hate that this has gotten so off on a tangent instead of what it was meant to be, but Chadwick was a grown man. He made his own decisions as far as how to take care of himself, who to inform of his condition, etc. If what you took away from my statement was that I admired the man for possibly putting himself into an earlier grave, then you missed the point. The man handled his situation with as much grace as I think humanly possible. Now I’m sure behind closed doors he was probably getting the best care possible, but if he wasn’t, that was his decision. I HOPE that if I’m ever faced with a situation like that, I can handle it with the same amount of humility. And I can tell you, I have a disease that is life long, but not terminal, and even in the way I’ve handled THAT, I’m ashamed compared to how he handled his situation. To me, handling yourself in such a fashion is something to look up/aspire to. I’m just beyond confused how some people are going to find something to put a negative spin on when I simply don’t see how my statement could have been taken as anything other than genuine praise for the man.

    • Alex Stock says:

      I’m an Orthodox Christian and my priest told me how much he respected what you mention here. Orthodoxy takes asceticism, self-discipline, and humility very seriously. My priest saw how he handled his illness as a remarkable display of asceticism.

    • A. Smith says:

      @ColtsFan4Life 35 no it’s not sweet. What impresses him is that a sick person who should have been taking care of himself exerted himself probably bringing him closer to his death sooner than necessary because of the added stress he put on his body? It’s disgusting to admire stupidity.

    • Leon Jones says:

      @Angelica Terry what did he say in any context that was disrespectful or off putting towards Chadwick? I am a black man as well. I’ve read through his message, all he did was give praise to the man. I don’t see the disrespect, any racist undertones. Nothing in the slightest or subtle. I’m honestly trying to understand where you’re coming from? I’m not coming at you, I know how things can get lost in translation, I’m trying to understand for myself. Truly .

    • Jason Taylor says:

      seriously. People make excuses to not eat right and work out. People slack off and complain about what they have to do for work. This man put in grueling, painful hours behind the scenes and on camera. For years…to be a part of four huge projects in the MCU. Each one of those films were huge and he was right there, giving it his all. Amazing. Inspirational.

  4. Julia Cora says:

    Shuri’s panther blaster weapons on the suit look so cool. So excited for this movie.

  5. Albert Ismalaj says:

    The action sequences with Namor are going to be lit…🤯🤯

  6. Simon Gomes says:

    Chadwick Boseman and Stan Lee will always live in our hearts .

  7. Antwain Bell says:

    Straight chills watching this can’t wait to see this movie

  8. Touch. Me. I Will Turn You says:

    This is going to be the Greatest Tribute to Chadwick

  9. Trung Dung Dang says:

    I got goosebumps after listening to this trailer , this trailer is really good and full of emotions WAKANDA FOREVER !!!

  10. WHGSFFMIH says:

    Chadwick, you will forever be in our hearts 💜

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