Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Warriors of Wakanda

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther – Warriors of Wakanda

Meet the warriors of Wakanda in this special look at Black Panther. See the film in theaters February 16! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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67 Responses

  1. Key comics market watch says:

    Every video just gets me more excited to see this movie!!!

  2. SHWN SHTS says:

    🐱Get this woman a sword

  3. Saltgurkan55 says:

    Like how they use the line “I never freeze” in every trailer, they know we love it 😀

  4. Mr. H says:

    So is Wakanda’s Warriors full of black women , where are all the men ? or is there another division of Men’s only Warriors.

  5. Robo Cat says:

    Infinite stone here ?

    • SCORCHER55 _ says:

      Fernando Ferreira who confirmed it no one did

    • SCORCHER55 _ says:

      Sharan Mudda no because otherwise we would have seen it in ragnarok. I think its with carol danver’s movie

    • Clorox Bleach says:

      Sharan Mudda mind stone is in vision

    • Bonk Caesar says:

      SCORCHER55 _ That’s the reason why Thanos was invading Wakanda in the Infinity War trailer

    • HlddenTalent says:

      Sharan Mudda it’s in Wakanda and it makes since for the soul stone to be known Wakanda. Think about it black Panther can summon the dead and he can talk to the dead. Him entering the soul realm is part of him. So why wouldn’t it be in Wakanda. The biggest give away was Thanos invading Wakanda.. If there was no stone there why else would he invade Wakanda

  6. Munchkin says:

    They’re all so pretty😍

  7. JohnnyJohnsonReacts says:

    Wakanda Forever!!!

  8. Pramit Chatterjee says:


  9. Ntula Chileshe says:

    I like how Marvel uses the same scenes over and over again in their trailers and make them as short as possible so that it’s unpredictable but leaves you wanting more. So many industries make the mistake of making 3 minutes trailers that just spoil the whole movie. It’s like you’ve already watched it

    • Existence Defies Logic says:

      I actually felt that Marvel gave away too much in the trailers of Ragnarok and Homecoming. Hela destroying that mjolnir and the fight between Thor and Hulk; Hulk shouldn’t have been shown in the trailer as being Thor’s surprise opponent. And for Homecoming, it just felt that there was too much shown in the trailer and so I didn’t really find the movie enjoyable. BLACK Panther on the other hand is something very new and not much has been shown so I’m really excited.

    • Afzal Artwork says:

      Agreed,and they cast Micheal B Jordan in this awesome film in 2018 rather than that horrible,god awful,and the worst superhero movie ever made,Fant4stic 2015.Marvel Black Panther 2018 is gonna make Micheal B Jordan great again.Because Micheal B Jordan is an awesome actor.

    • Degus Jacoby Pradana says:

      Bill Archer great research brotha

    • KenzieWenzie42 says:

      They know how to get their Benjamins

  10. Celebrate Comedy says:

    I have a bumper sticker that says, “honk if you think I’m sexy”…
    I just sit at green lights until I feel good about Myself

  11. chizzy says:


  12. chizzy says:


  13. XxDoggyXx says:

    Who else is hyped?

  14. chizzy says:


  15. Mahir Cave says:

    Marvel needs some Ugandian warrior that show da wae

  16. GTR Wendy says:

    Looks dope

  17. Hunter says:

    each and every clip shows how much dedication, effort, and hard work went into making this movie right!!
    im so so so sooooo excited!! BP will def set the bar of CBM this year incredibly high!!!

  18. Fandom Collective says:

    Uganda knuckles memes incoming..

  19. Maledict says:


  20. MasterOD - PUBG Moments says:

    Just like *Ugandan Knuckles*

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