Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

“At some point we all have to choose between what the world wants you to be and who you are.” Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1.

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64 Responses

  1. Skywalker Clash Slayer444 says:

    Plot Twist: There’s so many plot twist comments.

  2. Razak Idris says:

    a few hours later,

    *10 things you missed* in Black Widow trailer
    *REACTIONS* video

  3. Robotic Acer says:

    *Taskmaster starts watching Thanos’s clips*
    Natasha: Ah shi-

  4. Amanda O'Neill says:

    This is the most trailer like music I’ve ever heard

  5. Abhishek Anand says:

    Hopper In stranger Things: Hates Russian
    Hopper In Black Widow: Becomes Russian
    *You Have Become the very thing you ought to destroy*

  6. Swarnim Karki says:

    Media and News : Marvel should delay “Black Widow” due to Corona

    Marvel : Black Widow Final Trailer

    • Christian Galvan says:

      Swarnim Karki You know that’s not going to happen we don’t want any other big movies to get delayed this is the summer

  7. Dragen K says:

    NATASHA: how many others are there?


  8. Travis McKim says:


    • Kira_ 2401 says:

      @Pencinta Kebun Pisang 01:36 she’s dead

    • Nick Remedios says:

      Carnage Kasady maybe not a resurrection-resurrection, but I can see them bringing her back. Think about it. There are going to be at least two prequels in the MCU phase 4 – captain marvel 2 and black widow. The next villain will most likely be kang the conqueror, a time-traveling villain. Why can’t different heroes from different time periods get involved? It would not make that much sense to have a black widow after endgame if it wasn’t leading to something, unless someone in her family becomes the next black widow, but I don’t see anyone in that family being a significant Avenger in future movie. But all of these movies need to lead up to a future Avengers/team-up film. Even the Disney plus stuff is going to be interconnected with the movie universe, so the black widow film has to somehow be integral to a future avengers film. Maybe not the next one per se, but somewhere down the line

    • Mr Critical says:

      Because Ike Perlmutter that’s why

    • DC marvel Fanboy says:

      @Mr Critical yep

    • Pencinta Kebun Pisang says:

      @Kira_ 2401 i mean her sister, yelena

  9. lack of subscribers says:

    Spoiler: Taskmaster wears mask to avoid Corona.

  10. youssef rma says:

    Black Widow: dies to get her own movie.
    Hawkeye: hold my bow.

  11. Zephaniah Wells says:

    “I’ve always found it best… not to look into the past.”

    *the movie is set in the past*

  12. Ya like jazz says:

    Black widow: I’m done running, *proceeds to fast walk the rest of the movie*

  13. B C says:

    Man, they should have made “Black Widow” like that SNL skit “Black Widow: Age Of Me.” They could have had a whole series of Rom-Com films.
    “Pretty Widow.”
    “10 Things I Hate About Thor.”
    “When Black Widow Met Hulk.”
    “50 First Fights.”
    “The Tesseract Notebook.”

  14. lightyearpig12 says:

    “Your husband renovates houses.”
    I hear business was booming for him in Harlem, but for some reason no one talks about it.

  15. Best Uzbek says:

    Spoiler: Natasha does not die in this movie!

  16. lack of subscribers says:

    When a dead Avenger has a movie but you don’t

    Hawkeye: Cries in the corner.

  17. ÚÐßhåv Äʂhïʂh says:

    TASKMASTER: watching marvel movies and copying moves

  18. ÚÐßhåv Äʂhïʂh says:

    Most movies cancelling their premiers because of Corona virus.

    -Black Widow: not us

  19. Ethan says:

    Fans: Isn’t her story over?
    Marvel: *Well, yes. But actually, no.*

  20. Xon Lu says:

    Tony : Did she have any family?
    Steve : Yeah, us.

    Marvel : Yelena her sister, Melina her mother, Alexei (in comics, her ex-husband, idk in this, maybe her father?)

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