Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Born Free” TV Spot

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Born Free” TV Spot

This March, everything begins with a hero. See Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel in theaters March 8, 2019.

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99 Responses

  1. Selu ayyoob says:

    Tony stark lover like here

  2. Count Sapphire says:

    Thanos: Now the war begins.
    Cap Marv: No, now the war ends.

    • The Prince of His Own Kingdom says:

      Pretty sure we haven’t even seen the real war. Thanos won; half the universe dusted and Cap Marv nowhere around.

  3. Ali Shuja says:

    That mohawk though. Captain Marvel gonna be lit. ?

  4. Wakanda Productions says:

    ?I’m NOT a fan of her in the comics, and I’ll will most likely NOT become a fan of her in the MCU. But, I REALLY hope Marvel Studios prove me wrong. ??

  5. SHANAYA says:

    I’m not gonna fight your War.
    I’m gonna End it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Di3 Strider07 says:

    I’m not going to fight your war… I’m gonna end it!

    *Gets Dusted by the snap*

  7. Snehil Shrey says:

    You’re up Carol. Unleash the binary on haters

    • C-MC Official says:

      For real, I’m sick and tired of these hate comments ??

    • Vulture Studios says:

      +C-MC Official same. Everyone acts like the movies gonna suck but the only excuses they can come up with are that Brie is a raging feminist but i doubt Marvel will let her put feminism in the movie and the other excuse is that she has “no emotion” when she obviously does

    • Abhishek Sashikumar says:

      +Vulture Studios yeah marvel won’t allow her feminism to infect the movie because they would never do something like that to make more money, amirite?

    • SunScourge says:

      +Vulture Studios The very fact that a superheroine is getting her own movie, like all the heroes before her, is feminism XD Equal treatment for men and women, that’s all it is.

  8. BattleUp Saber says:

    Remember that if you start watching Infinity War at 9.48 pm on 31st December, Thanos will snap his fingers at midnight, which is a perfectly balanced way to start the new year

  9. Zara khan says:

    Before shitting on this movie without even watching it remember, people said gotg vol 1 was going to be “Marvel’s first big failure” before it was released, mcu made us care about groot and rocket and I dont think many of us knew about them through the comics ….. so I think we should give give every mcu movie a chance… this might not be the biggest, bestest movie ever but I’m sure it wont be a waste of my money

    • Indomitus1973 says:

      So many raging, whiny antifems in these comments. Do you need a beer to cry in, little boys?

    • Dem MommaJeans says:

      +Aurora de Boer who are you fooling

    • In brightest day, in blackest night says:

      Who the hell said Gotg will fail? No one!

    • sarbear says:

      In brightest day, in blackest night back when it was gonna release, everyone thought it was gonna fail miserably but now its loved by the marvel community lmao

    • Zara khan says:

      I just commented I hope this movie will be good and in other comment I said they won’t make it all about feminism and will have good story and action sequences… didn’t think it’d end up triggering some lots ??????

  10. Aryan Yadav says:

    Her last line delivery has been changed

  11. Sayaar Shahzaib Harun says:

    Is that Ronan the accuser looking out the window!?

  12. Evil Eye says:

    How do Marvel trailers get so much views in such a short amount of time

  13. MR Wakapek says:

    1 like :1 live for tony stark

  14. Gaurav Patil says:

    Silver Surfur at 0:31

  15. DarkSpino306 says:

    “I’m not going to fight your war, I’m gonna end it”
    Yeah, to end a war you need to fight in it.

    • Venny Yeow says:

      thats what fighting a war means

    • XVORGE Studio says:

      She means, she not like other heroes that just keep fighting their enemy. She wants to stop the war

    • Jack Spy says:

      XVORGE Studio by fighting in it

    • nottuna notsalmon says:

      +Venny Yeow She specifically said “YOUR war” not just fight a war. Meaning that for whatever reason the Kree are fighting the war against the Skrull, she is not going to fight for what the Kree wants, but she is going to fight to end the war itself. There is a nuance here.
      Note that I made the assumptions that by YOUR, she meant the Kree and not other unknown parties who may be involved in the movie.

    • HAZZARD says:

      +Indomitus1973 calm down you nerd

  16. BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact, Thanos won.

  17. Josephi Krakowski says:

    they are going their way to just cut a pieces from the original trailers and show it to everyone, they are obviously hiding something.. im curious as to what this movie really is

  18. bunyamin360 says:

    They keep showing that grandma getting punched lol

  19. domi vlog says:

    I will have birthday at 8th of March. This is gonna be the best birthday present i will ever had. ?❤️
    Sorry about my English. I’m not sure if i write everything good.

  20. 5K subs without a video says:

    Anybody contacted NASA to help IRON MAN????

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