Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Born Free” TV Spot

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Born Free” TV Spot

This March, everything begins with a hero. See Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel in theaters March 8, 2019.

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99 Responses

  1. Selu ayyoob says:

    Tony stark lover like here

  2. Count Sapphire says:

    Thanos: Now the war begins.
    Cap Marv: No, now the war ends.

    • The Prince of His Own Kingdom says:

      Pretty sure we haven’t even seen the real war. Thanos won; half the universe dusted and Cap Marv nowhere around.

  3. Ali Shuja says:

    That mohawk though. Captain Marvel gonna be lit. ?

  4. Wakanda Productions says:

    ?I’m NOT a fan of her in the comics, and I’ll will most likely NOT become a fan of her in the MCU. But, I REALLY hope Marvel Studios prove me wrong. ??

  5. SHANAYA says:

    I’m not gonna fight your War.
    I’m gonna End it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Di3 Strider07 says:

    I’m not going to fight your war… I’m gonna end it!

    *Gets Dusted by the snap*

  7. Snehil Shrey says:

    You’re up Carol. Unleash the binary on haters

    • C-MC Official says:

      For real, I’m sick and tired of these hate comments ??

    • Vulture Studios says:

      +C-MC Official same. Everyone acts like the movies gonna suck but the only excuses they can come up with are that Brie is a raging feminist but i doubt Marvel will let her put feminism in the movie and the other excuse is that she has “no emotion” when she obviously does

    • Abhishek Sashikumar says:

      +Vulture Studios yeah marvel won’t allow her feminism to infect the movie because they would never do something like that to make more money, amirite?

    • SunScourge says:

      +Vulture Studios The very fact that a superheroine is getting her own movie, like all the heroes before her, is feminism XD Equal treatment for men and women, that’s all it is.

  8. BattleUp Saber says:

    Remember that if you start watching Infinity War at 9.48 pm on 31st December, Thanos will snap his fingers at midnight, which is a perfectly balanced way to start the new year

  9. Zara khan says:

    Before shitting on this movie without even watching it remember, people said gotg vol 1 was going to be “Marvel’s first big failure” before it was released, mcu made us care about groot and rocket and I dont think many of us knew about them through the comics ….. so I think we should give give every mcu movie a chance… this might not be the biggest, bestest movie ever but I’m sure it wont be a waste of my money

  10. Aryan Yadav says:

    Her last line delivery has been changed

  11. Sayaar Shahzaib Harun says:

    Is that Ronan the accuser looking out the window!?

  12. Evil Eye says:

    How do Marvel trailers get so much views in such a short amount of time

  13. MR Wakapek says:

    1 like :1 live for tony stark

  14. Gaurav Patil says:

    Silver Surfur at 0:31

  15. DarkSpino306 says:

    “I’m not going to fight your war, I’m gonna end it”
    Yeah, to end a war you need to fight in it.

  16. BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact, Thanos won.

  17. Josephi Krakowski says:

    they are going their way to just cut a pieces from the original trailers and show it to everyone, they are obviously hiding something.. im curious as to what this movie really is

  18. bunyamin360 says:

    They keep showing that grandma getting punched lol

  19. domi vlog says:

    I will have birthday at 8th of March. This is gonna be the best birthday present i will ever had. ?❤️
    Sorry about my English. I’m not sure if i write everything good.

  20. 5K subs without a video says:

    Anybody contacted NASA to help IRON MAN????

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