Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | Special Film Clip

Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | Special Film Clip

Watch this brand-new clip from Marvel Studio’s #CaptainMarvel.

In theaters March 8, get tickets now:

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73 Responses

  1. Mirage Uchiha says:

    Ah, so this is jus before the Granny Skrull punch.
    Man, The 90s can’t get here fast enough!
    Hurry up March 8th!

  2. Shellyman Studios says:

    *If you see this comment, Captain Marvel and the Avengers loves you*

  3. DaTopDawg InDaVille says:

    Now this is that 90’s type chase scene ?

  4. John Akinsete says:

    Classic 90’s cinematography with awesome alien action. Perfect combination!!

  5. UMA MAHESWARI says:

    Waiting for end game
    Like if love marvel

  6. Alexa NaMoon says:

    This looks cool, I can’t wait until Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game

  7. mb8577 says:

    Fun Fact: Brie Larson did her own stunts!

    Typical Hater: bUt sHe dOeSn’T sMiLe

    Neither did your mother when you were born ?

  8. Jimbo T says:

    Give us all the excitement you got for us MARVEL STUDIOS!!???

  9. The Extreme Fizz says:

    Who is excited for this movie??????

  10. A K says:

    It’s great to see Coulson in the movies again! Who watches Agents of SHIELD? It’s amazing!

  11. Adventure Bonnie诗源小灰 says:

    I love CAPTAIN MARVEL STUDIOS ! Whatever …..

  12. senorbusyman says:

    love the Los Angeles setting on the freeway & the Metrorail

    • Johnathon Haney says:

      Good eye! And is it a coincidence that this takes place in the same city that was used in Lethal Weapon and Die Hard?

  13. Selva kumar says:

    She did her own stunts..i really respect that
    Can’t wait for march 8 ?
    International women’s day to all women in advance

  14. Megane Senpai says:

    Hey Phil! It’s good to see you!

  15. Simphiwe Charles says:

    47 seconds really Marvel.Such a small clip .We are dying from waiting here.

  16. gandhisamarth says:

    Is it just me or do Phil Coulson and Nick Fury really look like they are in the Men In Black Universe? And they also happen to be in the presence of Aliens

  17. AssembleA says:


  18. calebcold3 says:

    Bet this is the scene before the old lady skrull punch

  19. Chinmay Moondra says:

    “The last time I trusted someone I lost an eye”. The mystery will be solved soon.

  20. Jeff Saville Creative says:

    2019 is gonna be good to us in terms of movies.

    • Jason Olaya says:

      Hey, we said this about last year and it was the most divided year. Lets not get our hopes up. Disappointment sucks!

    • Isaiah Hykes says:

      +Jason Olaya what are you talking about.

    • Sohail Jafar says:

      +Jason Olaya Don’t know what you’re talking about. Last year’s schedule pales in comparison to 2019.

    • Julian says:

      +Jason Olaya also what was disappointing last year? Infinity war was great so was deadpool 2 and solo might have flopped but it wasnt a bad movie, but die to the backlash from tlj, the meg was also a fun movie so wdym

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