Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+

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83 Responses


    Falcon, wow. His moves are awesome. I am happy for Anthony M.

  2. Kro says:

    The Hype is pouring out of every hole in my body.

  3. Abbie M. says:

    Marvel: This is the last trailer.

    TV spots: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  4. Spaceman says:

    Tom Holland: Falcon doesn’t even have a movie.
    Anthony: No he has a show.

    • Slow Winter Nuts says:

      But *I* wanna see this new Spider-Man. If the comics already did it before, there’s little point in doing it in the movies, that’s why the great thing about the MCU is that it uses the source material as inspiration to create something new out of the old, like Spider-Man.

    • ImAlwaysMadBro says:

      @Slow Winter Nuts You must be a teenager who doesn’t understand it was already done. He was a teenager when his uncle died and never made it passed college. The teenage parker was stupid and it wasn’t until college he really came into his own as a hero. Then they just stopped letting him grow up.

    • Slow Winter Nuts says:

      But that’s just the comics tho. The MCU can do whatever it wants, so it can totally avoid that, do that, or meet halfway.

    • Faraaz Khan says:

      @Aakanksha Nanda falcon has not been the face of marvel for more than 60 years, call him whatever you want but making the mascot of marvel a sidekick to a much less popular character is just downright disrespectful.

    • Colby Steffens says:

      Anthony to Tom: On your left

  5. manyx tavinas says:

    *Tom Holland:* “I haven’t seen the Falcon movie either, oh wait, there isn’t one,”
    *Disney:* _releases The Falcon and the Winter Soldier series_
    *Tom Holland:* 😮

  6. Wahn Yoon says:

    Bucky: “Can you move your seat??”
    Sam: “NO.”

  7. GenerationWest says:

    Marvel, as always, is makkng sure fans, casual watchers and the unaware know this is coming in hot!

  8. Fulcrum 28 says:

    The US Agent giving that guy a high five in ever single trailer is the equivalent of Wanda saying “We are an unusual couple you know.”

  9. Don Joel says:

    I’m crying right now. This man is honoring caps memory.

  10. Heroes Fan Productions says:

    *THE. MUSIC.*

  11. LaZ elimination says:

    Wandavision: “An unusual couple”
    Falcon and the winter soldier:

  12. David Emanuel Rosini says:

    I hope Bucky is as powerful as he was in winter soldier.

    • Morcatna says:

      I hope so too! I heard his metal arm can do new things that we have never seen before so there is a good chance 😉

    • Summer W says:


    • BakemonoShiz says:

      @Lord Sorrow if he’s like his comic counterpart, he wont get the super soldier serum. the shield is lighter than it looks. “Stronger than steel and 1/3 the weight” – H. Stark. I think his problems will come from catching it after it’s built up all that kinetic energy after multiple ricochets and redirects. I think he’s gonna have to do a lot of spinning catches to absorb some of that”heat” where Steve and Buck can just snag it out of the air, frisbee-style

    • Lord Sorrow says:

      @BakemonoShiz that makes sense that’s where the question popped up for me after seeing him catch the shield. I thought maybe that be hard to do as a regular human. I hear Isaiah Bradley will be in this maybe so I can def see falcon not taking the serum. It gives him a reason to not trust it if they are willing to address themes like that. It’s just now it seems so many people have the serum and he dont. Thanks for the response.

    • Nathan says:

      @BakemonoShiz Things don’t gain kinetic energy after ricocheting, they lose it. If it somehow managed to gain kinetic energy, the actual target of impact wouldn’t receive any of that energy (they’d take no damage at all).

  13. Team Liquid says:

    Falcons been holding back.

  14. S G says:

    Marvel continues to deliver. The loss of Iron Man and Captain America just allows room for the next generation to step up and take over. I literally can’t wait!

  15. Jareth badillo says:

    “That shield represents a lot of things to a lot of people.” -Bucky Barnes💯

  16. InRealTime769 says:

    “And they were coworkers”
    “Oh my god, they were coworkers”

  17. Georgi Ganchev says:

    So this USAgent guy is basically everything that Cap was being mocked for in his first movie – just a glorified cheerleader.

  18. ShootingCipher says:

    Wandavision: “We just don’t know what to expect.”
    Falcon & Winter: “The Big Three. Androids, Aliens, and Wizards.”

  19. RadStaz says:

    everyone after wandavision: Well now what do we do

    marvel: we got you covered

  20. Rodolfo Cortez says:

    “This guy’s an Avenger? His real name’s Clarence”

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