Marvel’s Agent Carter Sneak Peek

Get your first look at the original Jarvis, plus the return of Howard Stark and more with a full scene from “Marvel’s Agent Carter,” coming to ABC January 2015!

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15 Responses

  1. djparaense says:

    Peggy Carter ROCCS!!

  2. Tilley Creary says:

    Well this is exciting!

  3. Dan Ketchum says:

    She’s hot. I guess that will have to be enough. 

  4. ebonyonce says:

    i feel like her hair and make-up aren’t as impressive here. maybe it’s just
    the lighting…

  5. Patrick Duruewuru says:

    Howard Stark married a woman called Maria!

  6. finsoto says:

    Is Thanos going to appear in an episode? :P

  7. Tim Hunt says:

    While I am enjoying Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD, I think Agent Carter
    looks like it will be much more entertaining.
    #agentsofshield #agentcarter 

  8. James Robinson says:

    I love that Peggy is still a badass

  9. Alison Sumner says:

    Hell Yeah! Looks like a winner.

  10. TabaquiJackal906 says:


  11. robert lemons jr says:

    I may actually watch this. 

  12. Steven Nguyen says:

    DC > Marvel when it comes to the small screen.

  13. MrSottobanco says:

    Won’t get renewed.

  14. lunacatd says:

    I am looking forward to this show more than any other with the exception of
    the new season of Sherlock!! 

  15. StrasnusDude says:

    tony’s dad and agent carter totally did it.