Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

Witness the power of the Sorcerer Supreme in the first teaser for Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange,’ in theaters November 4! ► Subscribe to Marvel:

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20 Responses

  1. MaiHead says:

    Sherlock enough with the mind palace! Time to come back.

  2. Keyontre Lynch says:

    Bill Nye the Science Guy ?

  3. CBLTGOTGAME says:

    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!! oh wait, there in a middle of a civil war, oops.

  4. Allen Huang says:

    awkward pause at 1:07

  5. Charlie Chowles says:


  6. Thruds Other Page says:

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

  7. mercenary128 says:

    the HYPE is real

  8. Shellyman 8K™ says:

    It’s funny that you people calling it a Interception or the Matrix ripoff.
    You people clearly don’t know nothing Doctor Strange at all. They literally
    just finished filming about a week ago, so don’t expect a lot from this
    trailer. BTW I’m pretty sure Doctor Strange is going to be a big success
    just like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-man. Just wait!

  9. Dino “LB130” Plumley says:

    one batch, two batch, Cumberbatch……….

  10. Racher Wichardson says:

    Inception 2

  11. Ahmedhelps says:

    I’m calling it now. The infinity stone in this movie will be the (Time

  12. keanu 1000 says:

    I know what I’m seeing for my birthday now

  13. Oval Teen says:


  14. Interestingenough4 says:

    Looks interesting. Even though parts of the trailer seem somewhat
    derivative of “The Matrix” and “Inception”, I’ll still be going to see this
    movie. Cumberbatch and Swinton alone are worth the price of admission, and
    the effects so far are beautifully done.

  15. KL Productions says:

    Once again the hype is real

  16. Alexa, The Time Lord says:

    its odd and exciting to think that Benedict cumberbatch is apart of the MCU

  17. SAKA says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch is one of my favorite actors and this trailer proves
    that I’m going to enjoy this!!

  18. ClashNow says:

    muito toppp

  19. JD Marshall says:

    holy shit, this was the movie in their lineup I doubted the most, and it
    actually looks cool. I’m very interested to see how they handle magic in
    this story, also how well cumberbatch’s accent can hold up haha

  20. Karan Gurung says:

    kathmandu lol …. first ever Marvel Movie in our country ? ehehehe