Marvel’s Jessica Jones – All in a Day’s Work – Only on Netflix [HD]

Marvel’s Jessica Jones – All in a Day’s Work – Only on Netflix [HD]

After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a private detective in Hell’s Kitchen. It’s time the world knew her name…

Marvel’s Jessica Jones
All Episodes November 20

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20 Responses

  1. Tim Coxford says:

    There’s something in her eyes that makes her stop looking like Kristen
    Ritter and start looking completely like Jessica Jones.

  2. Renzo Farfán says:

    I thought she’d choked with her vomit.

  3. lexmax08 says:

    They are doing a really good job of setting up interest in these trailers.

  4. Hugh James-Berry says:

    *way* better than the last one.

    I wonder if the purple man is going to be purple..

  5. Elias Bautista says:


  6. karnak333 says:

    One thing I love about David Tennant is the man knows how to be charming
    and be intense; sometimes at the drop of dime. This is why he’s my
    favourite Doctor; he has the best range of charm, wit and intensity. He is
    going to be awesome.

  7. Murat Oral says:


  8. iKavix says:

    He’s 902 years old, travels in a box and knows everything apparently.

    Good luck then

  9. Sy A says:

    I am glad they didn’t make David Tennant speak in an american accent.

  10. Ayrton Areas says:

    I’m here for David Tennant ♥

  11. Magatsu Orpheus says:

    It’s fascinating how Tennant can play an enthusiastic hero as The Doctor,
    and a creepy villain as Kilgrave, both equally well.

  12. irwin3036able says:

    I know this is a longshot but am I the only here who expects an Agents of
    Shield appearance in Jessica Jones. Since Jessica and The Purple Man are
    super powered individuals, sooner or later they will get to Coulson’s radar

  13. Spent Lizard says:

    “I’ll be welcomed back like a he-” (*Jessica punches Kilgrave in the face*)

  14. BlocktorwhoUnlimited says:

    Best teaser yet, I’m glad we finally saw Jessica’s face

  15. kylesteinhauser says:

    It goes “DING” when there’s stuff.

  16. Jeff Anderson says:

    Ninth Doctor = Malekith
    Amy Pond = Nebula
    Tenth Doctor = Kilgrave

  17. matthew fenwick says:

    So creepy I love it. David Tennant is gonna steal the show like Vincent
    D’Onofrio did in Daredevil.

  18. GrantBrownDog says:

    Wilson Fisk had some terrifying moments, but The Purple Man with just his
    voice is scarier than the Kingpin so far. The show is gonna rock.

  19. Tomix@Pro says:

    Lame garbage.

  20. Jonah Drake says:

    So, like Daredevil (and unlike most Marvel films), the antagonist is going
    to be actually intimidating. Nice!