Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs (Official Video)

Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs (Official Video)

Link to listen to “Quarantine Queen!”

Nina Simone once said “It’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times.” I wrote this album in four days because I noticed a lot of people were down and needing something to uplift them, make them smile and want to dance during this dark time. I by no means am attempting to diminish the severity of this pandemic, but trying to show that you can still be creative, still have fun and be fabulous from the comfort of your own home. I hope you enjoy, I hope it inspires you to dance (tag me, I will be watching and sharing) and I hope it brightens your day just a tad. Love you all and please stay safe. We are going to get through this. Mwah 💋

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Thank you to everyone involved in making this video possible from your own homes. I appreciate you so much!

Edited by: Chester Lockhart
Music by: WiiDope and Jeeve

Howard Johnson
Antonio Harvey
Sean Viator
Lockhart Brownlie
Tyler Rowe
Brian Friedman
Nolan Edwards
Liv Quantriill
Bob the Drag Queen
Walker Walker
Jonathan Sison
Laganja Estranga
Monet Exchange
Trinity The Tuck Taylor
Alyssa Edwards
Nicole Scherzinger
Curtis Pritchard
AJ Pritchard
Jonathan Bennett
Holly H
Baby Brody
Jade Thirlwall
Kandi Burruss
Tamar Braxton
Rickey Thompson
Tiffany Haddish
Amber Riley
Lisa Rinna
Baga Chipz
Amber Gill
Vinegar Strokes
Paul Burrell
Terrell Grice
Bobby Berk
Tan France
Montana Tucker
Matt Steffanina
Colleen Ballinger
Tommy Bracco
Christie Murphy
Nick Maccarone

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26 Responses

  1. Jacob Schweitzer says:

    When I seen this notification pop up on my phone, I audibly gasped. Didn’t even know he had another EP drop, this vid was a _complete_ surprise to me.

    This remake, especially with the vid to go along with is *exactly* what I needed. Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels is easily my fav vid from him, maybe fav song of his as well. Before I even heard the song, it was obvious what it was going to be about and Todrick did *_NOT_* disappoint! I agree with other commenters, this is the official Covid-19 anthem!

    • Ramona Godfrey says:

      My favorite song to I was buying some chicken one day and I was dancing to it be young girl said what are you listening to and when I played it all seven of them loved it and started dancing in the chicken spot and they started walking out my nails head hair hips heels and I’m 62 and they would like in their twenties

  2. Baddest Bitch says:

    This should really be the anthem for the coronavirus

  3. Rasenshuriken90 says:

    I haven’t heard a “parody” song slap this hard since…um…ever.

  4. Alison Burkholder says:

    This was AMAZING I love Todrick and literally every creative project he comes up with it’s AWESOME thank you for making me smile Todrick!!

  5. Sabine de Vos says:

    Wonder woman: so I have these celebs in my song.
    Todrick: bitch hold my wig

  6. AnnaCarenina says:

    Did he rhyme “hands on your knees” with febreze ? Yes. Yes he did.

  7. Alexis Dawkins says:

    Living for Nicole in the rhinestone outfit, middle split slaying us with her broom 😂😂

  8. Zipporah Lewis says:

    Todrick never disappoint I love this, with all the Queens

  9. Nakamura Eastmond says:

    This has inspired me to fold clothes. I never fold my clothes.

  10. ray guzman says:

    ” where is the husband, everyone’s asking”

    Me: ☠

  11. Natalie Gonzalez Garcia says:

    Me singing this at 3 am know that this quarantine is ruining my health

  12. 991 M says:

    Gurl, this had more cameos and crossover than Endgame! My life was handed to me, thanks to everyone <3

  13. xavier says:

    i read the title and just went, ” Oh no he did not!”

  14. Josiah Artiste says:

    When Monét was in center for when he said sponge I said GO OFF SPONGE QUEEN

  15. Jaime Marie says:

    I love Todrick everything he makes is eye candy. Even in quarantine he finds a way to slay!

  16. Sailorperson says:

    “What was life like? I can’t remember”

  17. Che Patterson says:

    I just love how he credits every singl person. THAT is uplifting your community 👑💜💜💜👑

  18. Kennedy Rain says:

    This is literally the best thing that has come out of quarantine 😂💜

  19. Dajanae Phillips says:

    “Where is the husband? Everyone’s asking.”

    Me: *remembers Attention and leaves* 😂😂😂😂

  20. Ocean Space says:

    I just showed my mom “Nails, hair, Hips, Heels” this past weekend and we’re both dying of laughter to his parody. This is absolute GOLD!!!

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