Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque

Mass shooting at Christchurch mosque

There is a “serious and evolving” situation with an active shooter in Christchurch, New Zealand, police commissioner Mike Bush said. In a statement read on TV 3 New Zealand, police said one person was in custody. Police said there are a number of causalities but did not specify how many. CBS News partner Newshub affiliates Erin Speedy, Tova O’Brien, Thomas Mead report.

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70 Responses

  1. Eva Eva says:

    My condoléances from Albania ?? our prayers to families of victims . So sad ????

  2. Ridwan wan says:

    Don’t call Him a Shooter or Gunmen but, call Him a Terrorist!

    • diamond dogs says:

      Thomas vanDyke I think white ‘nationalist’ vermins and islamo fascist trash should wage an all out war and exterminate each other for good, win win for humanity.

    • Eva Ultra says:

      Jacinda Ardern made a statement and referred to him as a Terrorist.

  3. Morne Lotter says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about this horrific attack. Condolences to the families and all the EMT’s and first responders on the scene. May God give you comfort in this sad sad time. We live in a sick ? world.

  4. 12K Views says:

    God Bless U…
    I am Indonesian. two Indonesian citizens are also victims of terrorists there. I’m Catholic, but I don’t care about religious differences. everything is still my brother. Greetings of peace.

  5. zaheer coovadia says:

    I think they mispronounced “terrorist” as “gunman”

  6. Voyance San says:

    Regardless of what channel you go to, you’ll always see people supporting these incidents and using one of three points or more to legitimize this action.

    1. ISIS has killed way more people. This is revenge.

    2. Muslims would do it to “us” sooner or later.

    3. This is counter-terrorism.

    The problem is that these victims are not ISIS. Why are they blamed for the actions of another group? Whether to feel sorry or not does not depend on what religion you believe in. “Im a christian and I feel sorry” , “Im an atheist and I feel sorry”.

    How about we’re human, therefore we will sympathize with other human beings, we will try to put ourselves in their position. They had goals, they had emotions, they had happy and sad memories and they were just praying. You’re sick to the core if you feel that this is somehow a good act and doesn’t feel any sorrow towards the victims.

    • Ayham Shaheed says:

      Manish Bharti what are you talking about? In the Quran it states that you are not allowed to forcibly convert any non Muslims, and what you said about making women slaves is just morally and religiously wrong

    • Ayham Shaheed says:

      moon dog grey on the contrary. Something like that should be news worthy. ISIS killing hundreds of thousands of Muslim Syrians is also not news worthy.

    • Larry Vasquez says:

      +Ayham Shaheed tell that to sikh gurus in india who were brutally murdered for not converting to islam.

  7. marcomega says:

    Tomorrow they will say that he is mentally unstable or is influenced by video games. You will not hear the word terrorism because they use it only for Muslims

  8. S Hidayati says:

    innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun, my condolences for victim family’s..

  9. Julia I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATСН VIDЕ0!! says:

    ?☝️He killed over 49 people and they keep calling him a gunman

  10. Julia I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! WATСН VIDЕ0!! says:

    ?☝️Ohh lemme remind you, the word is called TERRORIST

  11. YJAMJ - says:

    I’m sick of this planet.

  12. Haris P says:

    That is TERRORIST attack not GUNMAN SHOOTER..this double standard make me puke

    • Eva Ultra says:

      Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister, made a statement referring to him as a Terrorist, and the incident as a Terrorist attack. It’s being viewed as it is, at the point that the News report was made they had little confirmation about the semantics of the situation. So at least now it’s seen as that. It’s a horrible thing to have happened regardless. Horrible doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    • Haris P says:

      I already agree with Newzealand PM to suspected them as Terrorist…but so many media deny her statement

  13. Ameera Mirinin says:

    A gun man? Dude. Thats a group of terrorist.

    • Tim Fuller says:

      @ameera mirinin A terrorist acts for the sake of a larger group with a political agenda. This was a lone gunman, certainly mentally ill, who wanted to stir things up. Terrorist doesn’t really fit the profile, unlike the 47 Coptic Christians killed in Egypt by Islamic terrorists.

    • Donald J. trump POTUS says:

      Tim Fuller this guy has a political agenda clearly lmfao.

  14. Rahaf says:

    He killed 49 people not only that he filmed it live! He is not a gunman!
    *He is a terrorist*

  15. Save Good Music says:

    It was not a guy raging with a hand gun, it was tactical, planned, terror.

  16. G MAN says:

    the so called “gunman” killed 49 people and got a bomb in their car.
    it’s terrorism.

  17. Remus Doere says:

    Terrible… gunman commits act of terrorism many innocents dead… this will become political real quick with everyone blaming everyone

  18. Cherry Bubz says:

    National Anthem

    *God defend New Zealand.*

    E Ihoa Atua
    O nga Iwi! Matoura
    Ata whakarongona
    Me aroha roa
    Kia hua ko te pai
    Kia tau to atawhai
    Manaakitia mai

    God of nations at thy feet
    In the bonds of love we meet
    Hear our voices, we entreat
    God defend our free land
    Guard Pacific’s triple star
    From the shafts of strife and war
    Make her praises heard afar
    God defend New Zealand

    *I love you New Zealand. You’re my land, you’ve given me everything. I’m sorry for what has occured on your sacred soil, this was never meant to be. I’m sorry for the hate in this world. I’m sorry for what us humans do.

    I love you my nation, my dear New Zealand.*

  19. Hessah Az says:

    My prayers go to the victim family’s
    This is so sad ??
    Love from KSA ????????

  20. HEROLE says:

    *I am Christian , but I pray for innocent Muslim victims , my brothers and sisters.*

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