Mass shooting at house party in New Jersey; some victims are dead

Mass shooting at house party in New Jersey; some victims are dead

Police are on the scene of a fatal mass shooting that happened during a large house party near Bridgeton, New Jersey.

Officers were called to a home on E. Commerce Street in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County around 11:50 p.m. Saturday.

More than one hundred people were at that home for a party at the time, officials said.

Chopper 6 was over the aftermath on Sunday morning. A tent that appeared to have been knocked over was on the ground. Debris was scattered all over the yard.

Cars were parked all along the street, and police say some were parked blocks away.


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53 Responses

  1. Sherali Khan says:

    More and more people are becoming mentally sick because egoism is taking root and there is no love for other humanbeings.

  2. Tarry Hesticles says:

    Who needs friends?……A party to me is ordering pizza and wings and telling literally no one!!

  3. T Jones says:

    This is an example of “when people think everybody is there friend” And everybody enegy is not a positive energy. I notice that alot of killings are happening at parties, how weird. Young generation need to stop worrying about being liked and know that its ok to have only 1 friend to 0 friends. U might live longer.

    • CrescentMoon Codm says:

      Yep I ate alone in High School, I have no one controlling me and bringing me down all the time. I’m at peace and safe.

    • Dan B says:

      Man you are a knucklehead. These shootings have been happening even before you and your grandma were born, but have become vwry easy to report with mass media and the internet.

    • K S says:

      @Wile E Coyote “genius”

    • Estela Lopez says:

      @CrescentMoon Codm people bring me down all the time in middle school

    • Eugene 47 says:

      About having many friends or 0 makes big difference in your life, i only have 4 friends and im good.

  4. Never Give Up says:

    Every single human now a days has a cell phone at all times and NO ONE got a single video? No interviews afterwards? Good reporting guys, nailed it!

    • Christopher Steward says:

      Idk but if someone starts shooting im not dumb enough to sit there and try to film it..

    • stubadub2k says:

      @Estela Lopez now you’re talking crazy

    • stubadub2k says:

      @S i’m not the dumbass that would build a nice house in the hood…cuz we all know joggers be destructive an sheeeit

    • Winston Churchill says:


    • Winston Churchill says:

      @Nick De La Torre FACT? no that’s your 2nd amendment bs. Mass shootings are not stopped by the good guy with the gun. I think it was 1 maybe 2 out of me than 30. So pushing feelings as facts. America has a gun problem

  5. Math Man says:

    Here’s our 30 minute report: we know nothing, saw nothing, can’t find anything, have no clue what happened — but we’re live in fairfield county where cars and trucks drive by, and even buses, by golly.

  6. KPepper L says:

    People are out of their minds… It’s not a great time to gather in large groups because people don’t know how to act like humans anymore.

    • Crow Productions says:

      @1Time Slime I’ve seen it too

    • Micah Sheldon says:

      @Monty I’d be damned if somebody that knows next to nothing about guns tried to take my guns. My friends aunt prevented her purse from getting stolen because she was armed and my father lifted his shirt to show he was armed to 3 guys that were following him and my mother to his car at night. To put any restrictions on the ownership of guns for citizens with a clean record is disgusting.

    • Neo2266 says:

      @JACK SHRADER That’s not how illnesses work

    • Molt Jackson says:

      @Monty Spoken like a person who takes zero responsibility for their actions. I’m guessing the spoon made ya fat too

    • killingerk says:

      @Beezer I know the people who aren’t crazy the people who didn’t riot Or was in the riots

  7. amindra wanigasekera says:

    Seems to me, it’s the Preferred Community? Guns and Parties are their specialty. And of course the Swagger!

  8. ícҽís թհօҽղíx says:

    Can you imagine having a great time then all of the sudden there are rounds being fired at you? Surreal I am honored to be an introvert.

  9. Raul Chavez says:

    If the pandemic taught me anything, it’s that being at home with my cat, is the best place to be

  10. RB K says:

    As a musician who played thousands of parties back in the 70’s- 80’s Everyone enjoyed themselves, never once seen a weapon, sure couple of drunks in a fistfight now and then, this country has totally gone mad !

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