Mass Shooting At Madden 19 Tournament In Jacksonville | NBC News

Mass Shooting At Madden 19 Tournament In Jacksonville | NBC News

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, reported “multiple people dead” after mass shooting at Jacksonville Landing, a downtown marketplace hosting a video game tournament on Sunday. A live video stream shows moments the shooting happened where you can hear loud blasts and screaming. Officials say there was one suspect involved in the shooting, who is now dead.
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Mass Shooting At Madden 19 Tournament In Jacksonville | NBC News

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84 Responses

  1. Cameron Samuel says:


  2. Jeffrey Hancock says:

    Another self righteous ignorant human being who thought life owed him something…..couldn’t seem to grasp the reality of it….and lost it. Sad, so sad….my condolences to the friends and family of the innocent victims. A sad state of affairs when being a sore loser gets to this level ……

    • Jeffrey Hancock says:

      You silly,silly little boy. You just don’t get it do you? You are quite right in one aspect; Life owes me nothing….. It’s immature little brats like you that create these kinds of situations. I actually am NOT mad, but rather disenfranchised and bewildered at your generation. Your generation has all the tools needed to make something good of your lives, yet you choose to sit around and play kiddie games on tv and your phones. You choose to give yourselves silly, stupid nicknames(like yours), and swear up and down that we older folks don’t have a clue as to the “harshness” and “difficulties” you face. Here is a dose of reality for you: Grow up and face life! Because if you don’t, one of your generation can take you out! You stupid, stupid silly little boy…..

    • gamerp0pstar3 says:

      YES! Someone else actually said it! This man was a SORE LOSER!

    • Kevin Sipos says:

      Lil Phag Wow that’s just idiotic.

    • SUFI-4- LIFE! says:

      Only in Anglo Saxon america

  3. Sammy Stearman says:

    The constant need throughout media to mention the shooter’s race is disturbing

  4. Blessed Always says:

    Maybe they should focus less on guns and more on mental health

    • Dustin Smith says:

      +teamgrimmie forever you have to be 21 to buy a handgun I believe. Most people are killed with illegal handguns anyway ( in terms world U.S. gun violence).

    • lgd661 says:

      I see were your coming from but I really think this was just a case of a young guy no handling defeat very well like most competitive event there was alot of trash talk and this guy just lost it and decided to act on his rage, the thing that I want to know is how and where did he get a gun in a high security tournament arena

    • Dustin Smith says:

      +Nico Bautista less people killed with guns than are killed with blunt objects per year in U.S.

    • Dustin Smith says:

      +Vagabond Jon your argument is the opposite of the facts and statistics in regards to gun crime and mental health.

  5. Sub Killer says:

    This reminds me of that bane scene in dark knight rises

  6. No man comes out alive Here says:

    And they thought call of duty would cause violence.

  7. RaisingBraylee says:

    This is why I don’t hardly go to things like this because you never know when someone is going to just randomly open fire on everyone!! 🙁 I am getting to the point of being afraid to even go to the grocery store!!! :/ UGH .

    • JKay11235 says:

      Then hide in your basement and don’t ever come out. Nobody cares, you weakling.

    • Alaya-Vijnana says:

      Lol just accept the world the way it is. You’re going to die, that’s a fact. We all are. Whether I die today by a stray bullet blowing my brain out as soon as I walk outside, or in 40 years from a heart attack or cancer, I don’t really care that much to be honest. At least a bullet to the head would be a nice quick death.

    • Shandora The Hopeless says:

      Jkay I care.

    • SUFI-4- LIFE! says:

      You dont fear death do you?

  8. Kiing Steezy says:

    Rest in peace and may the shooter suffer for eternity

    • OnwardThread 4 says:

      +aspebb it was a white guy, shouldnt be a surprise

    • aspebb says:

      +OnwardThread 4 Mental health it is then

    • Knockerz WMWA says:

      The shooter killed himself

    • Al Y says:

      Because wishing eternal condemnation upon somebody, no matter how despicable, makes you equally so. You don’t respond to adversity with hate and vitriol, that just serves to create more chaos. If people were capable of being better human beings to each other, it’s completely possible that Katz would never have been alienated/degenerate enough to commit such an atrocity.

      People who comment on videos like these hoping for the suspect to suffer a torturous fate are sickening, and that is what’s wrong with the world. Hiding behind a keyboard and monitor, making blank statements does not equate to actually doing anything. If anything it is still tantamount to apathy.

  9. Jacob Potter says:

    Yet another mass shooting that nobody will care about in 2 weeks.

  10. Mauricio Orviz Acosta says:

    US has a huge problem with crybabies feeling tough behind a gun.

  11. dsb003fly says:

    It disgusts me to see the politicians trying to be the first one on twitter with “thoughts and prayer messages”. REAL PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES, families will be scared forever but the politicians cant let a tragedy go to waste.

  12. acee outlaw says:

    There was 13 people shot and 5 people dead couple weeks ago here in south Florida and not 1 word about it on the main stream media only local news….. because it happened in the hood and it happens all the time here in south Florida… MSM just picks what stories they want to blow up and call it a “mass shooting” and always start the gun control debate etc…..unfortunately this seems to happen every other day now in USA especially here in south Florida…. be safe yall and do your own research don’t trust MSM… eyes open

  13. DaleDeekes says:

    This video is exactly why these shootings keep happening. STOP GLORIFYING MASS SHOOTINGS

    • Hybrid Theory says:

      Well 6,000 people die a hour sad life we live in.

    • Theodore Cross says:

      no its not the news, people seem to love this. the news used to report good things in ages of old but people didn’t really care about seeing others happy. yet when they started showing pain and suffering the views increased. it’s not them its us

    • Hybrid Theory says:

      +Theodore Cross I see people getting killed everyday on the news I’m sick of it to be Honest. Humans were made to have a closed mind. Brfore the internet happened we didn’t know what happened in the world our minds were clean to the evil that goes on and we were limited to local things. The internet and news has hurt us not helped us.

  14. SuperPlayz Gaming - Roblox & More says:

    People are going to blame video games.

  15. LosRioDelMar says:

    Meanwhile chicago, nyc, southeast LA it happens daily and you hear NOTHING from media about it.

  16. Lenny says:

    Why is it always Florida (btw RIP people who died)

  17. Bryan Brown says:

    Been living in Florida for 20 years nothing good ever happens here

  18. FunnelCakeBoi says:

    America: Why can’t you just be normal?!
    Florida: *screams and has people shooting other people*

  19. J RICH says:

    bro what is wrong with peolple in florida WTF!! my condolences to the friends and family of the people who were killed. so sad, god bless to all who suffered from this terrible tragedy.

  20. Mordexx says:


    It’s just a game.

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