Massive 3-Alarm Fire Erupts At Amazon Distribution Center In Redlands

Massive 3-Alarm Fire Erupts At Amazon Distribution Center In Redlands

Investigators are trying to determined what caused a three-alarm blaze which tore through an Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands early Friday morning while employees were working inside. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Kara Finnstrom reports.

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75 Responses

  1. Various times says:

    Tracking my order ” Package in on fire ” estimated delivery time 2021

  2. LAZY DOG says:

    It’s interesting how many industrial fires start at around 3am 🤔

  3. J0nn _ 0ner says:

    The workers were working so hard they created enough heat to start a fire 🔥

  4. Sean Fitzgerald says:

    New message: you’re package has been delayed. We are sorry if this has caused an inconvenience.

  5. Chato says:

    I feel like the government is trying so hard to distract all of us from something Or is it just a coincidence that there’s a bad event right after another for 6 months straight?🤔

  6. Skeezix says:

    When Ross Perot’s textile factory burned down he kept his employees on payroll until a new one was built, Bezos on the other hand hates his employees and wants the world to know it.

  7. Rasa Vandiene says:

    Suspiciously looks like arson

  8. Vertubenflugen says:

    “No firefighters were hurt in the making of this video”

  9. Snack Guy says:

    You’d think Amazon would invest in a good fire suppression system

    • P Robidoux says:

      It isn’t Amazon’s building. It belongs to either the third party contractor, or the owner of the building, who is responsible for maintenance of the building’s systems. The employees work for Kuehne and Nagel, not Amazon.

  10. KP Nation says:

    Well, there goes my job interview today. Back to the want ads

  11. Saifuddin Alston says:

    I’ve seen this in a dream this is crazy

    • Arianni For ever says:

      Then what happened. Did the apocalypse come. Now im worried

    • Cuelwhip33 C says:

      a lot of nuts in this comments section

    • Barrac Obama says:

      I had a dream aliens came to earth , and placed some mountains on top of some cities downtown areas, some forrest were destroyed, some continents had huge new rivers coming in from the oceans, turning single continents into a dozen or more separated by water, country sized ice sheets from Antarctica were just dropped on some countries, and billions of people were abducted some came back with perfect health, and cured of ailments, but the others came back deformed, sick and dying. All of this happened over a few days maybe a week, then the aliens just left, no one saw them, they never spoke to us or gave us any hints why they just did this to earth. I remember in this dream everyone was in a daze confused scared, and the little government that was left was on TV and radio saying they did not know where the aliens came from, why they did this, or why they just abruptly left without talking. Then I woke up.

    • Emma Madison says:

      @Cuelwhip33 C 😂

    • Oluwadamilola Sowemimo says:

      @Barrac Obama okay! What media content have you been digesting? Sometimes such vivid and wwll detailed dreams, especially the kinds that continue even after several toss and turns in bed could be a cryptic message… Or residual subconscious and frangmentes afterthoughts… These days I’m not sure anymore

  12. Ericshadowreaper says:


    • Penelope Pigeon says:

      Employees can run.
      Recordings nail arsonists’ asses to the wall…😒

  13. Ericshadowreaper says:

    Amazon: “Sorry, your package was caught on fire, please check back later…”

  14. Lt Dan 1969 says:

    My box of face masks that I ordered 3 months ago is probably in there as well.

  15. D M says:

    Perfect timing for an insurance job lol, Stop SpaceX

  16. M BI says:

    Hard to believe this is not connected to the riots, particularly when Amazon posts support for BLM on its site on the same day.

  17. Wesson Smith Jr. says:

    New message: your Omaha steak order is well done.

  18. MrEdWeirdoShow says:

    “…I’m tellin’ ya, folks, Amazon’s profits have been doin’ great, lately – they’ve really been on fire…”

  19. Maurice green says:

    Inside issuance job if I ever saw one …Think of the times …this is an insurance fraud due to too low economy

  20. KingJustice98 says:

    “Amazon is on fire” can mean several things.

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