Massive YouTube Scams, Zoella and Rita Ora Under Fire, Venezuela Uprising, Debt Shame App, & More

Massive YouTube Scams, Zoella and Rita Ora Under Fire, Venezuela Uprising, Debt Shame App, & More

17+ minute video incoming… Enjoy!
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Venezuela Update

Hacienda Patient Update

New Debt Tracking App in China

Edited by: James Girardier
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Daniela Barhanna, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Max Iskiev
#DeFranco #Scam #Venezuela

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84 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    oh hi. it’s Wednesday. also, you’re cool. just you know, in case someone hasn’t informed you of either of those facts today. 😉
    YouTube Scam (00:06), Influencer Ads (00:31), Venezuela (3:54), TIA (4:50), Arizona Update (7:21), China’s Debt Tracker App (9:02), Nigeria (12:30)

    • Luis Alvarez says:

      I would argue we are already living in a social credit system except it’s an invisible one that is being operated by corporations and the mob instead of our government.

      Aren’t we basically living in a social justice sharia law? Have the wrong opinion and you lose your job, your sponsors, your livelihood. How many people have been lynched and crucified in public over 10 years old comments? How many kids have been pushed to suicide by mass shaming, harassment campaigns, bullying, intimidation, doxxing, false allegations and other forms of social terrorism?

      We are experiencing the beginning of a progressive tyranny. And when progressives get in power it will get even worse because then they will start embedding their sick ideology into the law. It’s just a matter of time before we’re living in a full blown theocracy with blasphemy laws and political prisoners.

    • Mateo Bovoso says:

      Philip DeFranco But haven’t you Scammed before? Your supporting an App that takes money away from people. The app was called something health?? I can’t remember.

    • Jamie B says:

      Fake news Phil.

    • David Wood says:

      Hey Phil, Just a call out to you and your team, I’ve always like the show, but recent weeks the ‘news’ rather than ‘entertainment news’ feel has taken a leap forward. I like this new direction!

    • Hi MyGameis says:

      Thank you Phil! I use you as my only news source because you actually present news as news. Have a fucking great day buds!

  2. David Sobiegraj says:

    Is China in Black Mirror?

    • Brupcat says:

      +Claude Sigma Sort of cringe, but it isn’t really the most pop culture-ish type of show. One of the episodes features the whole theme of social credits, just as similar as it is in modern day China, and might one day be exactly that. It’s a well made depiction of dystopian themes within all of its…Well, *most* of its episodes which can be quite inventive. I’d say that you overlooking that might be more cringe. I’d equally argue that other examples (and or references) of dystopian fiction would be more fitting.

    • Forsworn says:

      China is really hitting the gas peddle on a dystopian future and their track record is less than stellar. People can watch video from westerners living in China now, it’s not looking good, getting a bit scary even.

    • Jenny Huapaya says:

      +Salty_7_11 Where doublespeak fill the air and Facecrimes are punishable offenses.

    • Dillon Herrero says:

      Millions of people making the same basic ass comment should be a Black Mirror episode.

    • OhReally says:

      Ive never seen black mirror, what am I missing?

  3. kevin rodriguez says:

    Para los venezolanos viendo esto, sigan luchando por su país, mucho amor desde Puerto Rico.

  4. rgbii says:

    So if you’re in China and in dept, you are banned from transportation you might need to make an income to pay off that dept? Is it opposite day in China?

    • Gabrielle - Eidith Owl says:

      +Alex Wallace still doesn’t make sense because it stops them from being able to go to work.

    • Stefan Stadler says:


    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      Gabrielle – Eidith Owl I guess they gotta wakeup 3 hours early and go walking. Not saying is right, but is what they are expected to do.

      Asians counstries culturally speaking are more strict when it come to moral and they probably would pick go walking instead of deal with the shame of having such a big depth.

    • Jesus says:

      No, it depends on your social credit score

    • Rohan says:

      +Alex Wallace Yes, but nevertheless if you are in immense amounts of debt and are deprived of a very important resource like transportation, you will fall further into debt and are essentially condemned to it universally. It becomes harder for individuals who made a few bad decisions to escape the poverty they are forced into.

  5. Rachel D says:

    China has turned into a Black Mirror episode….

  6. Daphnia 96 says:

    that debt app seems very black mirror tbh

    • iwannadielol says:

      Claude Sigma did you want them to reference a 298 page research papers

    • m a r s a r g o says:

      +Claude Sigma Black mirror has an episode specifically about rating citizens behavior, resulting in punishment or reward. It’s a very fitting comparison and a well-known series, so what is your issue?

    • Daphnia 96 says:

      +m a r s a r g o exactly! I dont even watch black mirror but I knew about it and it reminded me of it, what is it with people needing to feel some sort of superiority just because they don’t enjoy mainstream entretainment

    • Stacey Long says:

      +Claude Sigma is a troll

  7. QuiteDecent says:



    Thanks for talking about Venezuelan news ??! I’ve never seen no one that talk about this in the North American Community. <3

  9. Erik C 'Piano Man' says:

    That story from China is unreal. It’s like China took notes from the ‘Black Mirror’ writing room for how to govern its ppl.

  10. HmoobTuber says:

    China be taking that Asian parent mentality to a whole nother level.

  11. MrAdamArce says:

    Am I crazy in thinking that I would love to be compared to Winnie the Pooh Bear? I’d be playing that off as proof I’m a “friendly and lovable leader who thinks, thinks, thinks”. That seriously sounds like it should be awesome PR.

  12. Grant Manor says:

    I am glad that things are finally turning around in Venezuela.

    • Communist Carrot says:

      +Grant Manor Venezuela ELECTED Maduro

    • Benjamin Hancock says:

      +Communist Carrot Never mind the fact that the opposition boycotted the election and the widespread allegations of vote-rigging. Definitely a democratic vote.

    • Grant Manor says:

      +Communist Carrot You know that election was a farce, stop trolling.

    • Shiina Kochiya says:

      @Communist Carrot Whether he was elected or not (and fairly or not), he has since engaged in undue violence against his citizens, political corruption including the rigging of further elections, and widespread intentional spreading of misinformation. In what world is this a functional government that serves the interests of the people?

    • Rodrigo Bogado says:

      Yeah sure, this have nothing to do with USA drooling over Venezuelas Oil since decades ago…

  13. Maab Sulfab says:

    Please talk about the demonstrations happening right now in Sudan. Civilians are being killed by the Government security forces, and we need the world attention

    • Isaac McNally says:

      The West has been turning a blind eye to the atrocities of the Sudanese Government for decades. Though hopefully Phil Will see this and bring light to it. Hopefully others will as well.

  14. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    When “I hate this episode of Black Mirror” isn’t just a joke anymore.

    • Claude Sigma says:

      So your only reference for technological dystopia is a fictional pop culture TV show? Cringe.

    • Michelle Pentecoste says:

      +Claude Sigma is that the only thing you can comment? Cringe.

    • Nikola Tesla says:

      +Claude Sigma oh yes, sir. Extremely cringy. You nitwitted simpletons need to pick up this exquisite text opus for your dead neurological systems. Let I elucidate you, undeveloped Homo sapiens sapiens. THESE moving pictures will make the molecules (or ions) of your brain decay, and the thought of this is certainly a malaise. You say you love good things then you watch objectively bad consumable entertainment. What a non sequitur. You all always seem to obfuscate me without your rubbish. You will never feel the pain of a genius. ?

  15. Vincent W. says:

    That rating system sounds very similar to Black Mirror’s Nosedive. Not good!

    • very arigatoful says:

      Claude Sigma r/iamverysmart

    • arbiter lite says:

      +Vincent W. lol “across different platforms” eg. Books

    • Rohan says:

      +Claude Sigma Cringe? That show analyzes themes that are incredibly relevant in the context of this situation. I don’t know why you are cringing or alleging that a well produced TV show that very accurately depicts the direction China is going in is an illegitimate reference. The message is more important than the media.

    • Je Cr says:

      +Claude Sigma the whole point of that TV show is to prevent things like China’s system from coming I to reality.

    • Code One DXZ says:

      I couldn’t watch that episode fully, I cringed too much

  16. LJ H says:

    Unfortunately, it is the ones who pay for the services of these women, that perpetuate the problem. My heart goes out to these women, children and men, that are being used and abused for someone elses profit.?

    • Ilya Hamisoniya says:

      Without doubt those who pay for services of these women are responsible for the terrible conditions these women face. But the only way to stop this is to change Nigeria corrupt system and improve conditions of life in Nigeria. That’s why this is the responsibility of Nigerian people too.

    • mand0rk says:

      LJ H laws of supply and demand.

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      Is one of those situations were the blame is everywhere – those who pay for it, those who traffic people, the officers that accept money to pretend they don’t know a thing, the lack of governmental actions to control natality and the severe gap between poor and rich in the country. The problem will only end when tona of stuff change.

  17. Legion of Weirdos says:

    Rapist practical nurse aside… how does a workplace create an environment where said sexual assault can occur undetected?

    • The Over/UnderThinker says:

      +Legion of Weirdos I think people who ask a nuanced question almost always get insulted by people who have “strong feelings” about the topic. Don’t take it personally, it is a totally valid question.

    • Hereby Hereby says:

      Well it’s not hard. You only need a couple of minutes alone

    • MomokoTuHarumaki says:

      That is the million dollar question.

    • TheKtwStudios says:

      Because you’re not supposed to have cameras in the actual rooms because it violates patient privacy (especially if you’re bathing a patient.) Secondly, I’m not sure how it works in other states, but in *Maryland,* Male healthcare workers are not allowed to inspect a “less than fully clothed” female patient without the presence of a female healthcare worker. Some may call that “sexist,” and it probably is, but given rape statistics and whatnot, I’m fine with it existing and I wouldn’t want to go see a male healthcare practitioner if that rule didn’t exist. I’m assuming Arizona doesn’t have a law like that….and this shit is exactly why that law exists where I live.

    • kate collins says:

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and say #Murica ?

  18. Bible Illustrated says:

    I had such deja vu at the beginning of the video: wait, didn’t he covered the scams already? Wait, faking endorsements, didn’t he cover that as well?

    • Hudaef Cares? says:

      +Maja Henriksen Not no that.

    • Beatriz Zacharias says:

      If people still falling for it, he have to keep remembering them or otherwise people will cry about how he didn’t talked about it… just look as how we still can find comments whining about betterhelp weeks after he made a video and dropped the sponsor.

    • Hereby Hereby says:

      Well it was different stories just on the same topic. Dumbass

    • Bible Illustrated says:

      +Hereby Hereby Oh wow I totally didn’t figure it out by now thanks

    • Glyn Taylor says:

      Clickbait.. so he can mention both “scam” and “zoella” in the title. And then fill the video with ads without declaring it’s an ad in the title

  19. xBluegamerx says:

    So she wasn’t in a coma she was aware, well that just made that story more depressing and horrible…

    • TheNanamariam says:

      Right? She never even had a chance to fight back. Absolutely horrifying.

    • J Michael Barnes says:

      I think she was in a coma, I’m not a neurologist, but from what they were saying it sounds like she would be on the Glasgow Coma Scale. Maybe in the 9-11 range, perhaps lower (GCS lower is worse). She wasn’t in a persistent vegetative state though. PVS isn’t a coma, it is a post coma state that the body can go into if the damage is severe enough, many people associate PVS with being in a coma. This seems like an odd thing for the family to express though, as it just makes this whole thing seem more muddied. Anyway, I’m gonna go watch Uma Thurman slam bucks head with a door until I feel better.

  20. Zayyad Jalal says:

    Thanks for talking about Nigeria.??

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