“Master Of The Grill” BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares

“Master Of The Grill” BURNS EVERYTHING | Kitchen Nightmares

Using comic-sans in their menu isn’t a good sign.

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101 Responses

  1. Dat says:

    its just well done

    • markmallia92 says:

      +Near Future what you said isn’t a grilled steak , its pan cooked , the steak looked cooked good from the in side, you get black steak and charcoal taste from a dirty grill and too much hight heat.

    • Near Future says:

      i said i liked mine pan cooked like that, i know that he made it grilled it’s gross.

    • jazzykat says:

      Sad how you guys talk about some guy commenting dumb stuff who gets likes because people like his comments for no reason other than to put him up in every comment section.

    • Awano gg says:

      Dat Are you paid by fucking youtube to comment videos? i swear your in every vid comment section lol

    • MrAxeman293 says:

      +Dat I’vе sp?nt *2 d?ys, 20 hours and 38 minutes* ?n Y0uTubе s?ncе 12.6.2018! Ch?ck yᴏur stаts: wpmwpt.viewr.stream

  2. Senura Kaduwela says:

    And the chef gets burned by Gordon ??

  3. Busy Izzy says:

    “idk why would he want to meet you”

  4. PowahSlap Entertainmint says:

    Gordon Ramsay low-key just wanted her to leave so he could fart.

  5. TheHunniBug says:

    I’ll never understand why these folks dont be more prepared knowing THE Gordon R. is coming to see them?‍♀️?‍♀️

    • hari jay says:

      I heard they set up cameras a month or so in advance so they never know when he’s actually coming. I also heard that from another YouTube comment so I have no idea if that’s true.

    • TheRealDiannaFdz says:

      +hari jay yeah i read something like that too, it makes sense cause some of the footage they show doesn’t seem it was filmed the same day

    • PC MasterRace says:

      Well its good they aren’t. If he doesn’t see how they are for real on an average day he won’t be able to help.

    • TheHunniBug says:

      Yeah yall are right then I hate the ones who he really try to help but feel like they know better than him and get upset with him for being honest?‍♀️

    • luomio says:

      TheHunniBug this is the best they’ve got

  6. Demon Bow says:

    Think that waitress was hitting on gordan

  7. 10,000 subs with some videos says:

    Did somebody die in here last night?

    *its possible*

    wait what?

  8. ChaoticKlutz says:

    *Chef Ramsay will like the food here, anything I make him he is going to like it – guaranteed* : Every chef before the Wrath of Ramsay

  9. I'm gonna get some attention with this profile pic says:

    At least it isn’t fooking raw!

  10. ATGTF says:

    If a menu has Comic Sans on it, the restaurant is definitely failing.

  11. Pinhead says:

    I’m pretty sure this clip was uploaded like three times already

  12. BF Network says:

    Chef: “The food is not the problem here. It is either the atmosphere, the ambiance or the service.”

    Nice job throwing the entire staff EXCEPT yourself under the bus.

  13. BF Network says:

    You know the restaurant is bad when the waitress says she doesn’t know what type of restaurant they are.

  14. Evan says:

    *Nino* would burn every water

  15. Maikel K says:

    Funny how cooks always think they know their stuff better than a chef who has 25+ restaurants and 10 or more michelin stars. I think if Gordon Ramsay says your food sucks it probably does


    It seems like the staff have gone ‘nose blind’.

  17. MoreCarStuff says:

    I like Lexi sometimes you gotta think twice cause you don’t know if she’s joking and an undercover blonde or being sarcastic.

  18. mazin maz says:

    “Master of burns”

  19. candiigurl7893 says:

    Let’s see…
    1. A menu with too many items
    2. Outdated furniture and decor that hasn’t been touched since opening day .
    3. Food that’s disgusting and frozen.
    4. Employees lying saying it’s “fresh” and not frozen.
    5. An arrogant chef who can’t take criticism and is in denial about his food.
    6. Disgruntled servers who hate their jobs.
    7. A broken family relationship caught in between the chaos.

    All of the hallmarks of a Kitchen Nightmares restaurant. *To be fair, number 4 wasn’t really in this clip, but you know what I mean.*

  20. Feta Cheezz says:

    Nino would burn down the kitchen to speed up cleaning time.

    After all, Nino is the “Master of The Cleaning”.

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