Master P & Romeo Miller Talk Leaving ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’, Self Wealth, Family Values + More

Master P & Romeo Miller Talk Leaving ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’, Self Wealth, Family Values + More

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64 Responses

  1. Get The Edge Now says:

    I’m really happy that Master P mentioned his disappointment in Kobe’s parents and sisters being left out of the funeral service. My heart bleeds for them. True dat…. you never know what is happening within a family; what the toxic underpinnings might exist, but your parents are your parents. It’s patently clear that Kobe was given love, international culture and education, and a middle-class upbringing. I mourn for Kobe, Gianna, Vanessa and the girls, but I also mourn for his parents and his sisters. It’s soooooooooo sad.

    • Brittany says:

      His parents has been selling all his childhood and early achievements. He took very good care of his nephews and sisters. His parents didn’t want for nothing, but they didn’t want him to get marry at a young age. They held that shit until he died. Vanessa has shown for over 18 years she loved, support, and carried 4 of his kids. What more did they want from Vanessa.

    • msfatbooty06 says:

      We dont know if they were at the private ceremony. They just werent at the Staples Center which was really for the fans not the family.

    • Brittany says:

      msfatbooty06 the parents were in the same row as Vanessa, sat next to Natalie the oldest daughter. They did said their peace at the private ceremony

    • msfatbooty06 says:

      @Brittany thank you for clarifying love 😊

    • Tev says:

      It wasn’t a funeral though and they didn’t really acknowledge any of his family including his other daughters. Vanessa spoke on them because those are her kids too but most people just spoke about Kobe. Besides that, Master P used to talk shit about Kobe all the time. Don’t fake like you care now that he’s dead 🙄

  2. kaydo smith says:

    I cried when Romeo gave his father his props. Ppl don’t realize how bad we need more positive male influences in our black communities🙌🙌🙌

  3. Corey Walker says:

    He def wasn’t lying about the noodles. 5 mill company made rich by black people! I peep the knowledge from Master P every time he speaks ✊🏾

  4. Platform Tv P-T-V says:

    P is that uncle alot of us never had man, he must be proud of his son

  5. J Dubb MrGnG22 says:

    “Sin doesn’t destroy your purpose it cages it.” Sin is another word for ignorance & most don’t know this.
    So basically your ignorance or lack of knowledge cages you.
    That’s to Grow on 💯💪🏾

  6. Alexandria Grimes says:

    ” I don’t want people just running with me no more, I want people pushing me” -master p #legend

  7. Aisha Lewis says:

    Amen to both of them. Romeo always stay woke.This generation thrives off of social media and t.v. drama.

  8. AmericansForHire says:

    “Love People, Use Money” That’s some real shit right there.

  9. Kenyata Jones says:

    We came in the world with nothing we are leaving without nothing.

  10. Conscious Anfesia Shapsnikoff says:

    Romeo is a man, who was raised by a MAN, who is his dad.  Angela is a thirsty child, who is just like her fake preacher dad, Rev. Run. I am proud of Romeo.  Let Angela keep playing with fake scripted storylines, and using her son’s father for a storyline.

    • Lexe says:

      Fake preacher dad 🤣🤣 shes not a good representation of a young women or mother when you have a dad who’s a preacher smh.

  11. No Name Needed says:

    We dont celebrate P enough! Although he dont want it he deserves it. Hes been droppin jewels since he changed his life b4 “staying woke” was a thing.

  12. MsGina Tae says:

    I absolutely them. Society doesn’t like them because they represent strong black men who are not afraid to say something because of being disliked.

  13. Sharla Williams says:

    Love Master P and Romeo’s relationship and vision. I’m glad that he had the courage to walk away. Reminded me of how Tia and Tamera had to walk away from their reality show because of them being pushed to have drama. Also like P talked about how we have to invest and support our own.

  14. Melissa Litus says:

    Nothing like a fine man who knows his worth and understand his values like romeo😍💯 good job Master P

  15. MA'AT SUN CHILD says:

    I was 7 yrs old listening to this man music in the mid 90’s… REAL OG “make em say uhhhhhhh!!!” 😁

  16. Agiet Tanyingu says:

    “we aint worried about followers, we got chips!” haha

  17. demarcus gant says:

    Everything Master P is talking about. It’s going over people heads. Because he isn’t hot or popping anymore.

  18. Destiny Burns says:

    Romeo: “Pops I just wanna give you yo roses while you here” 🌹

  19. ariannalexus says:

    I’m proud of Romeo. He wasn’t in this latest season much and I could tell he was over it. It’s getting repetitive & he’s too big to be around the love and hip hop type of reality tv scene.

    Also, I love the conversation Romeo and Master P are having.

  20. __ashtheleo__ _ says:

    Nipsy Hustle said Master P was a big mentor in his life for a reason.

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