Masters of the Universe 1987 STAR WARS FAN TRAILER

Masters of the Universe 1987 STAR WARS FAN TRAILER

Music from the amazing Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer.

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20 Responses

  1. Mega.GigaMax says:

    Masters of the universe was great then and is still great today.

  2. Wilford Coromandel says:

    I’m too young for this.

  3. Allen Greene says:

    make more

  4. andrewk macdonald says:

    dude this movie is going to be awesome.

  5. Frank Gump says:

    Dolft lungren

  6. Christian Chavez says:

    Well done.

  7. Justin Cox says:

    I still have some vhs tapes of the still frame He-Man tv show

  8. xXxJuggieFerLifexXx says:


  9. Travis Lobbestael says:

    I bet someone who has never seen star wars would think this is star wars

  10. Xavier Cumpian says:

    I think the star wars trailer theme can make any movie look awesome

  11. LB74 says:

    Awesome work there sir. I didn’t see this at the theater when it was
    released. But when it came out on VHS I was quite wowed. Surprised it
    didn’t do a lot better at the box office. Saw it awhile back on the Movie
    Channel in its original wide screen aspect. Felt like that thirteen year
    old lad again. An underrated flick to say the least.

  12. Tim doll says:

    Never seen it but now I want to.

  13. Dcoolest says:

    Awesome! When’s it coming out?

  14. Pablo Ricardo García Moreira says:

    Nice memories. This movie rocks.

  15. Osman Ali says:

    sobaaxa Waa wuu wuu wuu mataaqan

  16. Osman Ali says:

    sosoco Gii Gii Gii

  17. Lore Craft says:

    so basically John Williams music can make any piece of shit seem epic

  18. kreshjun says:

    Brilliant, well done!!

  19. retropirate1 says:

    This made the movie better than it already is.

  20. Max Himbigger says:

    Wtf why does heman look like star wars?