Match Outfit to Person (Aunjoli) | Lineup | Cut

Match Outfit to Person (Aunjoli) | Lineup | Cut

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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Match Outfit to Person (Aunjoli) | Lineup | Cut

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78 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Aunjoli is gorgeous

  2. Carmen Newman says:

    This is old.

  3. oki doki says:

    Aunjoli is heella pretty

  4. Iconic says:

    2:22 what’s it feels like to chew 5 gum

  5. Unisex ASMR says:

    She’s stunning! ?

  6. Gosspill says:

    The reuploads are getting annoying af

    • D'amante Gordon says:

      Well they aren’t reuploads. They do a mashup first then upload people’s individual videos

    • S0L1D0 says:

      Thats because no one understands how Cut uploads. First, they upload the edited video of everyone. Then, while they are in the process of making another one, they upload the edited video of each of the guessers. They are not reuploads per se

    • SLinnemann Art says:

      Idk, when they are old sure, its a bit odd to some videos form old vids to pop up.

      When its the newer once they split, from time to time, I just can’t wait to see one

    • bamboozle3000 says:

      D’amante Gordon it makes sense when they do that with truth or drink segments because they’re more conversational, but I think with these type of guessing segments, it’s basically like watching the same thing twice

    • matjuud says:

      I like a lot of the guessers so I appreciate it…. also if u wanna sleuth

  7. Iconic says:

    3:54 when you came really late to class

  8. elle says:

    Aunjoli is my favourite ?she’s so gorgeous

  9. LovelyRed1988 says:

    Honestly, each of them rocked those outfits either way. I absolutely love it.?❤️??

  10. Educational Gifs says:

    Aunjoli is so damn picky! nice video!!!

  11. Daizy 771 says:

    *Nigerian uncle* ?

  12. raja abbas says:

    did anyone else feel the whole room get awkward after she said “it looks like something i’d wear in middle school” to that girl in the skirt or was it just me

    • ink926 says:

      Braces finally came off

    • Klaiel Lordez says:

      Dejuh Vuh She was not joking.

    • Candi Soda says:

      Na it’s her family and how she was brought up as. They critique/tease each other and it’s their choice how serious they want to take the criticism depending on the mood.

      She doesn’t see it as insulting but rather positive criticism in a negative way LOL.. If that makes any sense.

      Like in her mind, she’s giving advice. To EVERYONE else it sounds mean.

      Or she’s just mean, not like I know her or her family lol..

    • Theodore Williams says:

      Candi Soda see now in today’s society, everyone wants you to be nice and only say positive things, you can’t critique anything

    • Sarah Lynda says:

      I feel like that too, but honestly I think that’s how I come off to people too. I don’t mean to be rude and most of the time i’m joking, but I love helping, ESPECIALLY when people don’t ask for it, cause how else are they gonna know that i can? lol

  13. Frogeggs yeah says:

    “I hate judging people based on what they look like” –> “This is your typical teenage white girl outfit”


  14. Axum ገብረመድሂን says:

    I bet money Aunjoli is mixed with Indian & Black… She is beautiful. Wow.

    • Klaiel Lordez says:

      Her parents are black.

    • Boveq says:

      Black people want to claim everyone who has melanin… smh. She is clearly not black. She could tell you her parents black but is definitely mixed

    • Draken Kartikay Kaul says:

      Her parents are black but she is definitely a mix and for sure has some Indian in her. Also her name Aunjoli is a variation of Anjali – a Sanskrit word.

    • Isabelle Comment says:

      Didnt she do a video where she talked with her parents about her first time having sex, her dad was black and her mother caucasian… or was this her step mom?

    • Tiffany Daleromas says:

      Boveq There are no black People claiming anyone on here stop causing shit I don’t know this girl but whatever she says she is should not get you upset.

  15. alkebuluan merriweather says:

    We need Aunjoli and Jade in a video together!!

  16. LikedMyOwnComment says:

    4:47 why the skirt look so good on him?

  17. okbigboy T says:

    Why do I feel as though Aunjoli likes to really label what’s “meant for girls and boys” and she’s very judgmental in a way that it makes others uncomfortable. Like how she asked the girl “why” for wearing what she wanted and liked, and her pointing out petty flaws over creases in the suit… Just brings people down by her comments even though it may not be intentional… nonetheless great video concept

  18. Simply._.Meg says:

    everyone commenting that she’s pretty….yeah she may be pretty but i think she was really judgmental towards them and rude

    • cutie pie xx says:

      im pretty sure u saying she’s judgemental is judgemental lol
      and how was she rude gosh its nearly 2019 and people are still being overly sensitive kmttttt

    • Sammi ss says:

      Simply._.Meg all of their judges are. It’s like part of the job description or something

    • Tanisha Gordon says:

      Definitely. She works for Pornhub so I feel like she’s not usually around the most socialized people…

    • cutiexoxoxo1 says:

      I mean the point of the video is to judge based on looks what type of clothes they would wear

    • Simply._.Meg says:

      im not talking about how she judged which clothes belonged to who, im talking about how she was judgmental of their outfit choices when she found out which outfit belonged to who

  19. Ladygothii12 says:

    Aunjoli and Jade were friends growing up…I’m complete.

  20. Chosen 1 says:

    Idc to me she is so rude and toxic to be around… it’s like the subtle but effective toxic it’s like you don’t realize she’s so toxic from being with her. These are the worst people to be around… she’s in charge of choosing clothing but you know if you wasn’t in charge she’s try to make herself in charge anyway.. toxic. But I guess that’s only just my opinion ??‍♂️

    • Chosen 1 says:

      LadyChaos101 you’re right but tell me one positive thing she said… she made fun of almost every person there in any way possible. You can tell it’s not being cocky she just straight up thinks she’s better than everyone else. Idk how you can see it any other way. Peace and love

    • cutie pie xx says:

      +Chosen 1 she didnt make fun of everyone lol wanna show me where she was rude and disrespectful or u just cant back up ur words

    • Chosen 1 says:

      cutie pie xx you know what? Not even worth my time. I just stated my opinion and now you’re mad? forget it. Don’t need to explain myself to you. Peace and love

    • D B says:

      Do you have bipolar?

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