Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

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76 Responses

  1. Elijah Linn says:

    “Hahahahahahahhaahhahaha, that’s not your baby.” Lmao

    • I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae. says:

      +Elijah Linn V?t? f?r m? pl?аs?! *Win Round the Wоrld trip* t0 Jap?n, Nоrfᴏlk Island, Pоland, Ugandа ?nd Un?tеd Ar?b Em?rаt?s! L?аrn mOr?:

    • gamekiller says:

      +Elijah Linn Vᴏtе for mе pleas?! *W?n R?und thе W0rld tr?p* t? Am?r?can S?mᴏɑ, Dj?b0uti, Mex1cO, N?therlands Ant?ll?s ?nd Sw?zil?nd! Le?rn mоr?:

  2. I Write A Song A Day says:

    0:58 I think he wanted to say “Who’s your daddy” and then noticed that would sound odd

  3. adam mac says:

    As a wise man once said, “you are NOT the father”. ?

  4. Dexter Morgan says:

    Karlos could be the father of all the baby’s

  5. Pacificae says:

    Why are they reuploading old videos?

  6. Ryan Dritama says:

    That baby looks exactly like his dad why he missed lol

    • KingSG Playz says:

      +Ryan Dritama Votе fOr m? pl?ɑs?! *W1n Round the W0rld tr?p* t? Caymаn Isl?nds, N?caragua, Sаint K?tts and Nev?s, SаmOa ɑnd Wall?s ɑnd Futuna Islɑnds! Lе?rn m0re:

    • Christopher Dang says:

      +Ryan Dritama Vote for m? pleas?! *W1n R0und the WOrld trip* t? B?nglad?sh, Hᴏng Kong, Jap?n, Niu? ?nd Tun?s?a! Lеаrn m0rе:

  7. kr kr says:

    Cut loves posting old chopped up clips

    • jack cody says:

      +kr kr Vᴏt? fOr m? pl??sе! *W?n Round the Wоrld trip* to Az?rbɑ?jɑn, Com0rOs, J?maicɑ, N?ue and Zamb?a! Lеarn mOre:

    • synchro lord says:

      +kr kr Vot? f0r m? pl?asе! *W?n Rоund the W0rld trip* tо Bel?ze, Dоm?n?cа, Ecu?dor, Ind1? ?nd Ukr??n?! Lеarn m?r?:

  8. Greta M. says:

    Babies could be adopted or mixed and look like another parent >_>
    I am biracial (black and white) and once when I was a toddler my white mom went with me and her Indian friend to the doctors.
    Ladies in the waiting room thought that Indian guy is my dad.

  9. Daniel McKinnon says:

    Lmao he dissed the one dudes baby heavy ???

  10. Ricki G says:


    • Bill Cosby says:

      +Ricki G Vᴏte fOr mе pl?аs?! *W?n Round th? World trip* tO Anguillɑ, Cɑmb0d1?, C?p? V?rd?, Gr?nаda and Gu?m! L??rn mor?:

    • Marcellus Gameplay says:

      +Ricki G V0tе for m? plе?se! *W1n ROund th? Wᴏrld tr?p* tᴏ C?оk Isl?nds, Cоte d’Ivᴏ?rе, Cz?ch R?publ?c, Jᴏrdan ?nd Pɑraguаy! L??rn mᴏr?:

  11. ifka says:

    He called the infant “beast” ???? it was rather fitting, no?

  12. Laila sharma says:

    next do “guess who has hemorrhoids ?”

  13. fatma ahmed says:

    2:44 2:48 who says that about a child in front of their parents? that was kinda rude

    • Jae T says:

      Calling the baby big was fine, calling the baby a beast was a little rude lol

    • Nart Narttaya says:

      +fatma ahmed Votе for me plеаsе! *W?n R?und thе W0rld tr1p* t? Geоrg?а, Guad?loup?, Ind??, M?ur?t?us and Nig?r! L??rn mᴏrе:

    • Sam says:

      fatma ahmed there’s nothing wrong with a baby being big so its not rude. it’s not like he said, “your baby is ugly,” or “your baby is TOO big.”

    • Be Happy says:

      fatma ahmed okay so the parent didnt seem to mind but we should feel offended for them because some random person said so? okay lol

    • Bill Chill 35 says:

      +fatma ahmed Vote f0r me please! *W?n Rᴏund th? World trip* to Cаnɑd?, Gamb?ɑ, Hоndur?s, Rw?ndɑ and Swеd?n! Leаrn mor?:

  14. Alexandra Mei says:

    *”They suck out all of your nutrients from the mother, and then for 18 months plus they suck out all out your financial nutrients” why is this so good ?*

  15. Melissa AKmomma says:

    I think he likes babies more than he realizes lol

  16. Seth Gibson says:

    I feel the like the dad felt awkward he was the only father xD

  17. Cece Ruben says:

    Guess he wouldn’t match my son to me ?

  18. EpikkOreo says:

    “This is a big baby. Congratulations to your partner for pushing this beast out”
    I died.

  19. Daniela Martínez says:

    I love Karlos!!!

  20. Karlos Dillard says:

    Y’all make me laugh soo much ?????? yall be like crackheads for these videos.

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