Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut

Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut

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About Lineup:
A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Match Voice to Person | Lineup | Cut


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45 Responses

  1. M1 Twinny says:

    “like you definitely want to party with me.”
    “NO I DO NOT”
    I’m dead😂

  2. Isabelle Garber says:

    *to a 60 year old woman*
    “Enjoy your college life”

  3. lightdayys says:

    Karlos is so ignorant and blatantly racist in this video, it physically made me cringe

  4. Ali M says:

    “nO iTs NoT”

  5. Erin Kearney says:

    “oh no your voice is annoying” skskskskks I love how honest he is😂

  6. DJ Bia says:

    keep mari and carlos going!!!! “i’m melting” mari hahahahaha!

  7. Raquel says:

    “Oh he’s definitely Latino because he can barely speak English” yikes Karlos is cancelled again

  8. Auden0 says:

    “He’s definitely Latino cause he can barely speak English” WTF. I usually don’t get offended but this was so racist…

    • iLoveBritneyBITCH says:

      Auden0 shut up. You’ll be alright.

    • Kristina mariak says:

      I don’t think he meant it in a bad way. He might assume that because he knows a lot of Latino immigrants who are were starting to learn English or have an accent

  9. ·a talented bean · says:

    8:55 dude looked fuckin crushed omg😭💀

  10. Loren says:

    “Oh he’s definitely Latino because he can barely speak English.” Wow I can taste the ignorance. Not funny at all.

  11. M Megane says:

    The Asian lady was determining the voice, age, sexuality and school life.

  12. Respiir says:

    When Mari said the tall guy was 48, divorced twice AND had 2 kids I was crying

  13. jessica w says:

    the black guy in the camo was so rude to her when he determined that she (the dark skin valley sounding girl) was white oml he is lowkey so rude to everyone

  14. Nadia Marie says:

    *byyyye … college student*

  15. Melissa Stephan says:

    I genuinely would prefer these videos so much more without Karlos. I already dealt with the nasty bullies in high school enough.

  16. Maria Flores says:

    drinking is my major too

  17. Super Flute says:

    1:00 *well sister just got real damn.*

  18. Nana NEET says:

    Karlos kept saying racist stuff throughout the video. Kind of hard to watch.

    • Wolfix Arix says:

      Ibrahim true

    • Sorry for my weird email I made it in middle school says:

      Hey, Karlos, didn’t expect you in the comment section! Hope you’re havin a pleasant time around these parts, I’d be really stressed reading all these comments about me.
      Well, bud, here’s the catch– if it bothers you that people are bothered, here’s the truth: you might be easily bothered. People are bothered about things. We only tend to call people out about it if we’re bothered about DIFFERENT things. People are sensitive. We have emotions. And emotions are wonderful things, all over the spectrum! To become bothered by something is a really good mechanism to take care of yourself or other people. All emotions can be held by bad people with bitter motives, but generally, being sensitive isn’t a bad thing.
      Granted, if you knew Amelia that much already, then that’s a different story! Teasing somebody isn’t the same as being rude to them, haha, if you knew what bugs her and what doesn’t, then it’s all good. I’m curious if you’d mind elaborating on the “latinos don’t speak English well” part, though, since a lot of us think you were talking about the race, and I have had very different experiences with Hispanic people– especially with young Americans.

    • twilit says:

      I didn’t think he was racist, he didn’t say anything negative. The point of this experiment is to make judgements about someone’s race and culture based off very limited info.

    • Ariel Campbell says:

      Belladini Lovely he said wtf he said NEXT

    • ExSilium says:

      80% of their content contains racism and stuff like that

  19. Aesthedicc says:

    lmfao everyone is complaining about karlos being “racist” but he had my ass laughing

  20. The jaw Girls says:

    Karlos is hella racist
    Thank you for coming to my ted talk

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