Math debate

Math debate

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32 Responses

  1. Shaheer Saqif says:

    she’s just so gullible,so pure

  2. Honey Jangra says:

    The reaction was just🔥🔥

  3. J.D says:

    Her Reaction was Priceless

  4. Ryan Dirany says:

    Well well well we got ourself a man of high culture

  5. Alex B says:

    Gotta say, that wouldn’t have gotten me. But this did–

    On stream recently I thought you said “White Cheeks” movie was good, looked a bit. Turns out it was “White Chicks”

    White Cheeks…thats a different website! lmao [ambhub?]

  6. Norbi says:

    Lets admit it, the guy is a genius

  7. arkangel052 says:

    Yep never a dull moment in an Amber stream lol 😂 hope you have a wonderful day Amber 💖

  8. Tiago Ventura says:

    Your reactions are the reason why you’re one of my favourite streamers lmao

  9. Mozes says:

    This had me rolling. Your reactions are so adorable. Favorite streamer by far!!!!!

  10. shadow god says:

    Her realizing what she has done is just the best 👌

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