Matt Cardle VS Ed Sheeran (Stolen?)

Matt Cardle VS Ed Sheeran (Stolen?)

Similarities between ‘AMAZING’ by Matt Cardle (released 2012) and ‘PHOTOGRAPH’ by Ed Sheeran (released 2014)

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18 Responses

  1. Dan Dan says:

    team Ed dont like Cardle prick

  2. Donna Kole says:

    Any real musician will hear that the vocal melody during the chorus is
    identical, save for the pitch. Those saying that pop songs always have
    similar chord structures, blah, blah, blah, will no doubt have no
    understanding of music theory, melody, phrasing, etc…Whether Sheeran
    ripped it off intentionally, or it was accidentally “inspired”, is
    irrelevant. The original writers have copyrighted it. Period.

  3. justin nam says:

    It’s one thing to be inspired, it’s another to blatantly copy. Not saying
    he did it on purpose though, he could’ve thought the song was original
    without thinking of the original. I hope that’s the case, or else he’s just
    stupid to think that he can get away with this

  4. acdnan says:

    nope I don’t hear any similarities

  5. Irene Alarcon Orenes says:

    Pero vamos a ver porque el golpe fuerte sea en el mismo momento no es la
    misma, ya le gustaría al otro que fuera como la de Ed

  6. frankieinfrance says:

    It’s more similar to ALL OF THE STARS to say it all

  7. Grego Rius says:

    i love both of the song. its a little bit similiar in the chorus. But its
    totally two diffrent songs

  8. RYTHEGUY says:

    There is a finite amount of chords combinations and lyric pitches. Some are
    bound to sound the same

  9. Glenn John says:

    Same chords but NO ONE can copyright a 1/5/6minor/4 ! That said the melody
    is also a Standard phrasing of notes that has been sung before but the fact
    that both elements are exactly matched is a start for a case of plagiarism.
    Does not matter if it’s just the chorus or the tempo is faster or slower or
    if they threw a capo on the guitar to change the key for the singer. While
    nothing is original about any of it the point is you should come up with
    your own shitty songs because copyright infringement and plagiarism are a
    crime. Either way Both songs suck and are by cookie cutter factory made
    unartistic tools who have nothing to say or add to music. They will both
    have their 15 minutes today and be gone tomorrow. Never to be heard from
    again. Thrown in the Kmart 99cent bin with Clay Aikens Christmas album.

  10. Melyaiah says:

    Surely “copying” has to be more than the same two notes. There are only
    limited number of notes to use & some progressions are fairly common. I
    think this is just opportunists clutching at straws

  11. Albarose Idera says:

    Those who cannot hear the similarity aren’t listening to the melody of the
    words being sung. Obviously it wouldn’t be an exact copy. I mean, come on
    now. The instruments and the vocal pitch is different, but the sung melody,
    the catchy hook, is the same. Did he intentionally copy? Probably not–he
    would most likely want to avoid this backlash as a famous
    songwriter/singer, but this is intellectual property and he has made a
    great deal of money and success with a melody created, published, and
    copyrighted by another artist first. He probably heard the song somewhere,
    didn’t even realize, and got inspired (it happens all the time as a
    songwriter). Hate on this dude all you want, but not many would sit by as
    their idea was taken by somebody who ended up making millions off it while
    they got absolutely nothing, even if the act was unintentional.

  12. hotdogsvin says:

    They sound similar, yes. So what? All songs do. I also think royalties are
    stupid. You work on something, then get paid for it. You don’t get paid
    every time it’s used ever again. That’s ridicolous.

  13. PunaniLicker says:

    To me it just sounds like Ed took his shitty song and added better lyrics

  14. Jon arlin says:

    I’m going to watch Grace vanderwaal again. then probably again.

  15. frankie “frankie boyle” boyle says:

    why is this shit trending……i couldn’t give a fuck if they sound
    similar, many songs do

  16. Gr8 Buddies says:

    Good artists copy, great artists steal. Ed made it way better. 

  17. Daemon Kelly says:

    Literally don’t see an argument here. Yes the way he pauses, then sings the
    next verse is similar, but lyrics and instrument cords are different. Plus
    we as humans hear separate sounds yet think they are the same even though
    they could be different.

  18. Twenty øne cry baby's At the disco says:

    Why is this trending?