Matt Drudge Visits the Alex Jones Show: Full Interview

Matt Drudge Visits the Alex Jones Show: Full Interview

In this bombshell interview Matt Drudge surprises the crew and Alex Jones breaking down the biggest stories with the incisive insight that only he can bring.

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18 Responses

  1. MsTommyknocker says:

    Why the hell dont you just write an article for the New York Times??

  2. Alan Bullington says:

    yes – great interview – you can hear the compassion in Drudge’s voice –
    almost begging Americans to wake up – scary out here – ;)

  3. Shep ZionsCRY says:

    Oh Alex – LOL! – Gotta luv ole Matt. Lots of us gonna be shut down if he
    is. This is truly the no joke end of the internet – end of any hope of
    getting the TRUTH out there short of the 66 books in the Holy Bible.
    YES – ISIS and al qaeda ARE the SAME entity – and the MB are part of them.
    Great interview!

  4. Mega TrueTalk says:

    Read Revelation simple.

  5. MrMurfthesurf says:

    OK now I will be late for work but drudge caught my attention. Good thing
    it is my company….

  6. TyrannyStopper2 says:

    Great Stuff here folks, couple of Generals in the fight for true Freedom.

  7. accordio13 says:

    Well it is that “independence” that drives Washington crazy and it is a
    direct affront to their power. They definitely want to take Drudge down.
    Info Wars is a different cat in that you actually post your own journalism
    from your own reporters. My view: if they cover the Internet with
    regulation that prevents linkage under the copyright laws and knock out
    Drudge, perhaps Drudge could join infowars and set up your own news network
    that really challenges the big news outlets. Would love to see that. You
    are taking InfoWars to the next level. Hope it does not stop there. You
    guys would be a powerhouse. It would mean we could only have to visit one
    site than two. A Drudge pod cast a few times a week would be awesome. Am
    sure though Drudge will mount a legal challenge but he seems to have
    learned the fix is in and court challenge is futile. Plus we have the
    coming TPP Commission and their global governance.

  8. lord of mercy says:

    live in your own brain create your own word love your own self hahaha i can
    see where this is going
    visit you own psychiatrist

  9. Michael Gorman says:

    Yes, the same ‘corporate glaze’ on everything, Matt is dead on, they are
    trying to make over the internet into their image – we must hold on to the
    global network, build your own sites, stop bowing to the corporate
    assholes, they make everything look and sound the same.

  10. OGIT1917 says:

    I am big fan of free speech and Drudge is amazing! Great job! I feel like
    cancelling FB lol! Americans are waking up guys!

  11. Carla Diaz says:

    omg, loved Alex’s face, great interview, you can feel how AJ and MD love

  12. Comics Fan says:

    When’s the last time anyone’s seen Alex fanboy that hard on air!?!?!
    HAHA!!! Classic!!! =)

  13. Benjamin Brausch says:

    love Matt drudge we need your work brother

  14. camycamo4 says:


  15. Panda Bear says:


  16. Gregory Buls says:

    Hillary’s lovers? Let’s have it. If she were a republican it would be all
    over the news.

  17. RimeTime says:

    11:39 ”we have 2 billion users”

    11:50 Drudge talks in circles of deceit when he then says ”I’ll never have
    2 billion followers”

    as if those 2 quotes are in any way connected. Sorry, this is fantasy talk.
    Facebook having 2 billion users has nothing to do with anyone wanting ‘2
    billion follwers”.

    That said – Drudge makes lots of sense also

  18. Jeff Justice says:

    I wonder what Hillary’s head would look like on a stick.