Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations; Trump’s Unhinged Tweets: A Closer Look

Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations; Trump’s Unhinged Tweets: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how the national reckoning over sexual harassment continued yesterday with the firing of TODAY show host Matt Lauer and how President Trump is becoming increasingly unmoored from reality.
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Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment Allegations; Trump’s Unhinged Tweets: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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93 Responses

  1. Woody Would says:

    How many times do you think Matt Lauer read a sexual harassment story and thought to himself he would never be exposed?

  2. Toxsa Dalton says:

    Oh, Matt… that was like the third news host this year to be fired for misconduct…

    • KobTheHawk says:

      It just means we are clearing OUR swamp. Whether it’s men with power or men in general…it’s time to be on equal footings with race and gender. Media has to be true news… without anyone else changing it regardless. The news is made to tell the truth…all of it.

    • darknightoftroy says:

      Power corrupts those who wield it. Women are just as susceptible to that corrupting influence as men are.
      Men aren’t really any more abusive than women, but in our culture, they engage in abuse in different ways.

    • Caleb Brown says:

      Yeah and turns the guy was a huge creep I liked him to

    • Space Alien says:

      my money is on another degenerate jew. like most have been….

  3. Oonagh72 says:

    They said all top people had those buttons installed for security reasons.

    • BILL MURRAY says:

      That’s the sort of thing Lex Luthor or Goldfinger might do.

    • A B says:

      Most major companies have quite robust entire Security departments for security reasons. The idea that a button is needed so the talent doesn’t have to dash for a door in a violent office incident is pretty thin logic. What I had read made it sound like it was to make sure no one interrupted Lauer while the dick unveiling occurred.

    • MsJubjubbird says:

      you cant keep people locked out of some areas though or you’d never do any business. and given the rarity of these incidents, it’s cheaper for them to contract the police department to respond to the button and train the staff how to deal with/avoid an emergency than to hire security that might be needed once in a blue moon. It’s a pretty effective system if you can pick when to use it.

    • Joanna deymonaz says:

      Oonagh72 exactly, people are acting as if Matt, had those put in just for him

    • burtosis says:

      Exactly, you need a secret door lock button for security purposes. Also a ‘release the hounds’ button for easy feeding of the security dogs.

  4. Isaac Mayer says:

    903 views, 129 likes. Seems legit.
    Am I doing this right?

  5. SteveBuscemiRussianBotHunter says:

    The G in MAGA must stand for grope…

  6. twinodoom says:

    I have a button that drops kittens them on my interns. They’re all afraid of cats now.

  7. Fuck You says:

    *Fun Fact: Donald Trump has faced more sexual harassment/assault/rape allegations than any other politician has ever faced in the entire American history!*

  8. Dragonk116 says:

    They fire these people instantly but trump has JUST as much sexual allegations yet it get gets ignored as if to say “ya thats just normal to trump, just deal with it” wtf? Since when is the president immune to every single law?

    • Andrew Sprague says:

      Unfortunately since he became president, he is the one who enforces federal law. States also don’t know how to handle it I guess.

    • Nappinnai Nallan Chakravarthy says:

      Dragon, don’t worry. Its like a chess game. You don’t take the ‘King’ out in the very first move. You sacrifice all other parts before giving a checkmate. First Trump’s outer circle, then inner circle and then sanctum sanctorum. Patience is the key to success at times.

    • Nappinnai Nallan Chakravarthy says:

      love ly, if there was no truth to those allegations, those men have MONEY to buy defense attorneys who can make the case for them. No sensible lawyers would make blind statements defending those men without some evidence to support them. Drumpf always had been a bully all his life. It takes women guts to bring down men who have money and power.

  9. twinodoom says:

    Trump.exe has crashed.

    • Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey says:

      based on my recall of Star Trek OS, I think Captain Kirk has talked to Trump. Sending technology insane was his speciality

    • Uthman Baksh says:

      twinodoom will command Alt escape work?

    • darknightoftroy says:

      Would you like to send an error report to congress to find a solution to this problem?
      We’re sorry, your attempt to send an error report has failed.
      Please check on the state of democracy in your country and try again.

    • ruirodtube says:

      twinodoom Trump.exe is infected with Russian viruses. Install and execute Mueller.exe to quarantine it.

    • Tom Ogden says:

      Trump.exe crashed a LONG time ago, but his followers keep pressing “Enter” and expecting the program to execute as advertised.

  10. mrt57rn says:

    I seriously don’t think I can take another year of this asshole.

    • Donald Pearson says:

      Tarryn yeah that’s how its supposed to work .

    • Donald Pearson says:

      Blue Skies none of you were alive when Clinton was president. Gee, i couldn’t tell.

    • Donald Pearson says:

      Lord Yneh and if pigs could fly

    • Donald Pearson says:

      Blue Skies its amazing to see how the public education system has made a generation of people so unsophisticatedely stupid. You dumb shits can be shown a picture of Al Franken assaulting a woman and let CNN tell you that you don’t see what you see. Why don’t you check your asshole for the latest global warming update?

  11. Hannah Hopkins says:

    I hope all the people who have sexually harassed others to feel super super super freaked out and nervous, I hope they are losing sleep and getting that sick feeling in their gut. I want them to feel as scared and miserable as their victims

    • TCt83067695 says:

      Hannah Hopkins i say they need *Pervatol* if they’re struggling sleeping

    • Blue Skies says:

      How was what Hannah said “an eye for an eye?” She didn’t suggest that they get harassed or assaulted or even raped. Yes, I get the idea of prevention and even, like someone else mentioned, how we are too punitive in this country, but I totally agree with Hanna. Maybe, if you are someone it’s happened to, or have a friend or relative who has suffered, it does make you wish bad things on the other person. I think Hannah’s wish was just enough, and not over the line. But, that’s just how I see it.

    • Joelle Jansen says:

      I think quite a few sexual predators feel like they’ve never done anything wrong.

  12. Terncote says:

    Trump hasn’t just been accused of sexual impropriety, he has fucking BRAGGED about it repeatedly.

    • Vinny Booboo says:

      Terncote As if his deplorables would care. LOL! The Orangutan could grab their mothers’ pu…and they still wouldn’t care.

    • screeningmimi says:

      Vinny Booboo – so true, there is obviously nothing the Orangutan can do that is wrong in their eyes…Not incest, not treason against his own country. I used to wonder why ordinary people went along with Hitler’s insanity. I still don’t know why – but I’m sure seeing what it’s like to live with people in mass delusion.

    • markotark says:

      The one with Trump and the young girl?
      Looking at a young person and thinking to yourself, “Hey they might grow up to be good looking.” Willing to give a thought that stops at this level a pass…
      Looking at a young person and thinking to yourself, “Hey, that girl will grow up to be good looking,” then thinking, “i’d like to hit that in about the shortest time that it’d be lawful(ish)”, and then SAYING it out loud, with microphones around you? Makes my skin crawl…

    • Sandra Agena says:

      Terncote I

    • 7charlierox says:

      Terncote as usual you are sharp as a whip. The men who haven’t sexually harassed and assaulted anyone are the sexiest men on the planet.

  13. Dane Massie says:

    Meh. “It was more like a year but you were close”, Seth Goldness

  14. Max Marriner says:

    Good to hear Seth in strong health again.

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      The US is crumbling.
      And you’re wishing a propagandist who contributes to this nightly, well.
      21st Century America is pathetic.

    • Torn Tokoroa says:

      CEOofFRESH1 and you’re watching this “propaganda” why?

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      +Torn Tokoroa Are you stupid enough to actually need to watch this to know Seth fucking Meyers’s opinion?
      Let me help you “Republicans blah blah blah blah. Trump blah blah blah blah. Conservatives blah blah.
      Do you need to actually read Breitbart to know what they’re going to say? LMFAO
      Americans are fucking retards at this point.

    • Torn Tokoroa says:

      CEOofFRESH1 i don’t actually need to know his opinion. I watch him comedy smart guy.
      Americans are retards? So what you’re not American? What are you then hmm?

    • Showtime says:

      He must be your rump rider

  15. Otter's Den says:

    Damn, y’all… Seth is clearly and officially out of any and all fucks to give. I love it. 😀

  16. DoobieDui says:

    We live in a very sad era.

    • Space Alien says:

      an era that is controlled by pedophile zionist jews. just look at all these accusations coming out; from weinstein, lauer, adam venit, anthony weiner, dating back to polanski, woody allen, they are all against scumbag degenerate jews of the entertainment industry. that is why we live in a very sad era where men become women, where racial animosity between blacks vs whites is stoked by these jews with the media they own.

    • southlondon86 says:

      DracoReptoidsExposed Bill Cosby?

    • Blitz Nimbus says:

      DoobieDui Oh shut up. You’re just complaining, if you wanna do something about it overthrow the system.

    • Andre Knowledge357 says:

      The US went from unstoppable to a massive herd of fucking losers in record time.

      I mean Rome took over 100 years to fall.

    • Kyle ._. says:

      DoobieDui definitely because back then you just get forced to have sex raped or beaten but yah it’s sad just now

  17. KingNat says:

    Damn everyday I’m waking up and seeing someone on the news about sexual harassment. Can’t these people keep it in their pants

    • Opinionofmine says:

      Yeah, sexual harassment is a real and very serious issue in our society, it has been for a long time. But that’s all the more reason to conduct ourselves properly in these cases. We can’t go randomly accepting every allegation or real ones will get drowned by a series of petty or greedy ones that don’t actually hold any weight. There are being too many too fast.

    • ブロンディブラック says:

      No. They want to show off their floppy little cocktail weenies because it ironically makes them feel powerful. 🤢

    • Nappinnai Nallan Chakravarthy says:

      Peppo, don’t make statements just for arguments sake. If one goes by your definition, every problem can be traced back to some mental imbalance. It applies to rapists/murderers. I am against capital punishment and I think even murderers need psychiatric help and make them better citizens and do community service. But they got to repent sincerely for their atrocities as they took away the innocence/happiness/freedom of another person. This can happen only when they are taught to think deeply about life which they never did before due to illiterate/uneducated/uncivilized parents or bad upbringing/association.

      These type of men, who spoils other people’s life, need to spend some time in solitude and let them know that their actions and behavior are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

    • Nappinnai Nallan Chakravarthy says:

      amazinginspiration, first you need to wake yourself up and amaze yourself. Men, in general, don’t like strong women. How Lauer is connected to Hillary? Go and replay his interview with Drumpf and Hillary. How Matt was softer towards Drumpf while Trump was walking over Matt and how condescending Matt was towards Hillary. All these assholes, who are creepy and have dark secrets about themselves are the ones who dislike and loathe and accuse women. Please wake up…

    • TMerkury says:

      KingNat not all are real. There are no proof.

  18. A kp says:

    That ad 😂😂😂

  19. SJ Cohen says:

    Why does Trump make Merry Christmas sound like Hell Hitler?

    • darknightoftroy says:

      Preston Siegler
      Of all the times to be a grammar nazi, are you really going to impulsively correct an actual nazi slogan?
      Sorry…. just had to point out the irony.
      As for the original post, yeah, he’s like a reverse-midas, anything he gets involved with becomes worse.

    • Beer O'clock79 says:

      SJ Cohen sounds like you have some issues

    • Esai Ortiz says:

      This comment got me in tears lol

  20. Goofy Emoji says:

    *When will we hold Trump accountable for his countless sexual harassments and rape?* Remove him before that orange Russian puppet gets us into nuclear war.

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